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Peralta Community College District’s Redistricting Process, Selection of a Redistricting Alternative

30 November 2011. 0 comments

The Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees will hold a public meeting to consider five alternatives for redistricting the Trustee boundaries, and will vote on adopting a redistricting alternative at their December 6, 2011 meeting. Four of the proposed alternatives were presented and discussed, and public input was invited at the Board of Trustees’ meeting of May 10, 2011, and at public hearings held at each of the Peralta Colleges during May 2011. A new, fifth alternative that was developed in response to comments on the original four alternatives was presented for public input at the September 27, 2011 Board of Trustees’ meeting. In addition, public comment was received on the redistricting plans during October 2011.

The December 6, 2011, the Board of Trustees’ meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. in the Boardroom at the Peralta Community College District Offices, 333 East 8th Street, Oakland, California 94606. The public hearing will commence at approximately 7:30 p.m., and can be verified on the Board meeting website prior to the meeting at http://peraltaccd.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=2.  Posted meeting times are approximates.

Federal and state laws require the Peralta Community College District to adjust its Governing Board boundaries every ten years to balance populations in each of the Trustee districts based upon current U.S. Census Bureau population data. Whichever of the five alternatives is adopted, the redistricting will change the boundaries of the districts and many residents will see changes in their Trustee districts as a result of this requirement. The District has received and welcomes public comment on the redistricting process and potential alternative redistricting options. Interested parties can access the five proposed district maps and their corresponding descriptions at https://web.peralta.edu/trustees/board-committees/redistricting-committee/.  The Trustee-approved alternative will be forwarded to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters for incorporation into the County’s overall accommodation of the decennial redistricting for federal, state, county, municipal, educational and special purpose districts such as, for example, those for Congress, the State Senate and Assembly, city council and school board districts, and the East Bay Municipal Utility District, among others.

For more information, please contact: Jeff Heyman, jheyman@peralta.edu 466-7369 Executive Director Public Information, Communications & Media, Roxanne Epstein, repstein@peralta.edu Board Clerk 466-7203, or Marstel Day, PeraltaRedistricting2011@marstel-day.com

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