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Peralta News – Asian and Asian American Studies Community Action Faire at Laney College

16 April 2012. 115 comments

On April 11th on the 3rd floor inside the Laney Student Center the Asian/Asian American Studies Dept held a community action faire in order to showcase student knowledge and pride for the Asian Cultural Diaspora.

There was music, food, trivia games and informative displays which promoted Asian Culture and it’s many representative nationalities and ethnic groups. Many student presenters were enrolled in Asia Film Study courses. The event also had social ramifications, opening discussions about Asian stereotyping within the Asian community and abroad and also the intersection of queer sexuality and traditional Asian family values.

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  1. Alyce Ide says:

    It was an awesome Faire! There was great music and wonderful cultural displays! You learn so much about so many different aspects of Asian and Asian American people! It opens your eyes to worlds beyond the stereotypes to have grown up with!

  2. Takuya Suzuki says:

    AAAS Community Action Faire was excellent learning experience and was so fun. Each group has awesome displays and activities. My favoriate part was the Taiko performance. There were a lot of food.

  3. Ngoc Ly says:

    Laney is a diverse college with many ethnicity, so sometimes people will want to be another ethnic group, and AAAS fair helps that person remember their own ethnic and also learn more about others. The fair bridged the gap between us all and make us one.

  4. Masumi says:

    I think community action like the Faire is important at College because it gives students a chance to learn about new things or matters that they did not know before. I learned lots of things through the Faire.

  5. Atiya says:

    This fair was so much fun, and very informative! with so many people participating there was a great variety of things to learn about.
    Also the drums were awesome ^.^

  6. KieuTruong says:

    community action is really important because that makes us get closer to each other

  7. Hang Lau says:

    One of the main theme of the fair is community action. It is when people organized together and act upon the same goal. It shows the unity of Laney students and once people participate into the coummunity, they would enjoy the diversity of Laney college.

  8. Natalie Tieng says:

    “Why is “community action” important to do at Laney College?”

    I feel that “community action” is important because it helps us get to know each other as well as working well with one another which is a necessary part when we are trying to showcase a fair. We educate others on things people do not know very well as being taught ourselves.

  9. Yasaman says:

    In can say that in Laney at least one day in a week I can see these community actions which is so important and useful because all students can learn a lot about different actions and team work.

  10. winnie says:

    The Faire was fun, the music is amazing. It is a good place to learn about cultures. I saw many students enjoying to talk about their projects and to interact with other students.

  11. Shirley Li says:

    It’s important to do it because then you can connect with your fellow community and realize that there isn’t just you and your friends and family. You can also experience other facets of this multi-cultural community.

  12. Jinhong Yao says:

    For the people, we can know more Asian culture, taste the Asian food, and music and so on. And people who are in the Laney are easy to find out which Asian part you interested in. So “community action” is good for Laney student understand Asian culture and improve the ability to enhance cooperation and exchange with others.

  13. Joel Marks says:

    “Why is ‘Community Action’ important to do at Laney College?”
    It’s important because it gets people involved with the community who wouldn’t normally get involved. It provides unique experiences and knowledge about new cultures or events that again people wouldn’t necessarily know themselves. Basically its a great learning tool, and can change peoples perspective.

  14. NatalieJuice says:

    I think it is a great chance to learn something in Laney. A great active also can attract more student attend to Laney College to study, so it is important to Laney.

  15. Avi Frankl says:

    Community action is important for consideration towards others in general.

  16. DingyaoHuang says:

    It’s a large community of students who gathered to provide a fun fair to show the Asian cultures. They can make new friends, play many games and communite each other.

  17. Phuong Truong says:

    Because it brings people from different cultures or countries to be closer.

  18. xiaoling lu says:

    community action is important because it can let other people to know more about Asian Americans, and it is also a place where people can share their feelings, thoughts and truth to others.

  19. Donna Smith says:

    Community Action is important to do at Laney College to give insightful information to the students in regards to Asian Culture and any other culture, to educate, enlighten and to appreciate. Students and the community coming together to bring forth knowledge, growth, togetherness and unity.

  20. WING HAN CHAN says:

    It is important to Laney college because it can make more friend and know more culture.

  21. yuting xian says:

    yeaa… it help me a lot to know about the asian and America history in the vivid way.. i can have fun during the study,,, i love this experience…and it’s really cool for sure..

  22. Sam Lee says:

    I really like this community activity. Thank you Professor Janine Midori Fujioka organize and give us this valuable chance to share our different culture with many laney students here. I make a lot of friends, I love it.

  23. Kiki says:

    Community Action is important because it not only brings the community together but it raises awareness to certain topics/issues that are important to everyone as a whole.

  24. Xue Zheng says:

    Everyone did a wonderful job on this faire. And this video is amazing to me. I can leaned different faucets of the Asian American culture.

  25. zolzaya batjargal says:

    Community Action is important to Laney College because it makes the students and staff feel like a team and community instead of separate people just goin about their days. There should always be a day to makme everyone feel apart of a community.

  26. zolzaya batjargal says:

    Community Action is important to Laney College because it makes the students and staff feel like a team and community instead of separate people just going about their days. There should always be a day to makme everyone feel apart of a community. Also, by organizing events that involve information about the community will give a chance for people to notice thheir society they are apart of.

  27. Kay Ng says:

    I like this Asian/Asiam Amercan Fair. It was tie first time I saw Laney students to come together to introduce different Asion culture. I have learned many of them.

  28. Van Huynh says:

    The AAAS fair gave me so much fun and experiences about Asian-American cultures. I learned so much and had so much fun with other students. It valuates the Asian tradition as well as explores its development through time.

  29. Shaozhen Fan says:

    The community action in the Faire shows the Asian American culture to other people. Students danced, wore the traditional clothes, prepared different foods, and communicated with others to shares the cultures. At the same time, students who participated in the faire learned a lot from the activies!!!

  30. weibin zhang says:

    community action faire in order to showcase student’s knowledge and pride for the Asian Cultural Diaspora,and each student can participate actively it,so it’s important to do at the Laney college.

  31. Wasifyar Farooq says:

    Why is “community action” important to do at Laney College?”
    I think community action is inportant because it bring the whole cumminity together. It gives them a chance to find out about other things and events in the cumminity. It apps brings in a lot of small bussiness. Brining the cumminity together creates a good base for a city. Every one need to come together once in awhile to fight their city problems and get to know each other. It also creates fun activities for the kids and family. It’s a safe enverment and any one can join.

  32. Kieu Nguyen says:

    Community action is important to Laney College because that led the students know more about the rich diversity of the Asian culture .

  33. Jeffrey Yang says:

    Going to a community college, we don’t expect to have many on campus activities. this broke my view on community college because being able to come together as a race inviting not just Asians was an amazing feeling. Being able to show the community of Peralta the culture and lifestyles of the large Asian population at laney college is at most importance.

  34. kinping au says:

    “Why is “community action” important to do at Laney College?”

    Why the “community action” is important to do at Laney College;in my view, this because Laney College is famous college in Oakland; also, there is lots of Asian student studying at here(including lots of international students). This Faire did give all the Asian students to have a chance to share more regarding Asian culture and society issues to the other people. In addition, this Faire let the students(who participated in the projects ) to more deeply comprehend more Asian culture or political issues. It’s a great experience for me.

  35. G. P says:

    “Why is “community action” important to do at Laney College?”

    Community action is not only important at Laney College but rather any society would need some community action. Not only does it give us a whole new perspective of our peers but it also educates us/makes us more coherent as a whole.

  36. Lili Man says:

    community action is very importan at laney college because everytime we have something thats involve with community action students are very excited and we all know that we have a lot of things to learn. everytime we have actions there will be a lot of people attending and it can keep out social with eachother and have fun at the same time !

  37. Jian Bin Liang says:

    I think the “community action” is important to do at Laney College because people from the college and the society can know more about different culture from different countries. After holding more community action at Laney College, everyone will know Laney College that is keeping connecting the community. Everyone can keep in touch with the whole world!

  38. Wen Chu Shi says:

    Each community activities are an opportunity to exercise, strengthen mutual understanding, learning about a variety of culture and enhance the sense of responsibility.

  39. gyalpo y tamang says:

    This kind of fair is really important for us to preserve our culture and tradition. By this kind of fair American born Asian gets chance to see their culture and also can participate themselves. This fair is equally important to all asain student because they get chance to share their culture with other student.
    -gyalpo y tamang

  40. Jason Pun says:

    Community action is important because as a community , we hold a higher power together than alone. With a common purpose and many supporting, we can create change.

  41. In Peng Ng says:

    “Why is “community action” important to do at Laney College?”

    It is important because it helps brings us together to learn things.

  42. Yon Cheng-Ng says:

    “Why is “community action” important to do at Laney College?”

    Community action is important because it helps bring people together and to comminicate with each other.

  43. Xuean Liu (Andy) says:

    The community action really give me a special memory at Laney College. When I was attending school at China, I seldom have chances to participate or organize such an activity. I think community action can help us develop necessary leadership and meanwhile share different kinds of culture.

  44. David Chong says:

    I believe “community action” is importan in our lives because i really do feel people dont know how much impact they have a on society. People are way more powerful than they realize. Especially us students because we are fresh to the “real world” Alot of us young people have different views compared to the older generation and we can lay out our ideas and make a difference in community and society.

  45. Yujun Huang says:

    As we know, America is an immigrants mealting pot. There are many people from other countries in bay area. We can also see there are a lot of students from Asia in Laney College. So, the Asian America Faire gives us chance to know more about Asian culture. We hope that students can know more about our Asian culture and then we can respect each other. I really hope that we can have another chance to have another Asain American Faire.

  46. Jorge says:

    The Faire was great, there was a lot of games and other activities and it seemed like people put a lot of work in to their presentations, there was a lot of diversity ranging from Asian American actors, to Asian American food and different kinds of Asian Music.

  47. Peihong Liang says:

    As we all know, there are many Asian and Asian American students at Laney College. “community action” is students’ multi-cultural event. “community action” can help students ally themselves with people of color and celebrate their diverse cultures.

  48. Dung Huynh says:

    During AAAS Faire, students could have time to speak in public place, and exchange culture, foods, music, film… to other people. Then people could know what is difference between culture Vietnam and Japan, or Korean and Chinese.

  49. My Huynh says:

    community action important to do at laney because we can share the information of asian american culture to others. I’m really enjoy the AAAS Faire cause it was so much fun such as game and food.

  50. My Huynh says:

    community action important to do at laney because we can share the information of asian american culture to others. I’m really enjoy the AAAS Faire cause it was so much fun such as game, music and food.

  51. Jia W. Li says:

    This faire really shows the community action! People all work together and interested other people to join this AAAS Faire at Laney College. I do believe there is around 300-500 people come or even more on that day. It was a really lively scene with amazing music. Laugh everywhere, you will feel the happiness around. Its a very meaningful activity that we can share the information of how important the Asian American Cultures are to others. I really enjoy the faire and it makes me happy!

  52. Kwok Wai Choy says:

    It is great opportune for Laney student to meet together. We can enjoy the music and foot to savor the Asian culture. Sharing every people opinion and experience to this community action.

  53. Pei Lan Chen says:

    Because it is a very meaningful activity that we can shere the information of how important the Asian American cultures are to others.Also we can learn something about Asia.

  54. Hui Qing Chen says:

    “Why is “community action” important to do at Laney College?”
    Laney College is a community college that has different people from the worldwide. it’s a good change that people can do action together and learn something they don’t know from the other culture.it’s not only learning but also understanding others and step up to make change.

  55. GuoXiongChen says:

    The community action is important to do at Laney College because it’s college that not a lot of people have chance to meet other people (during class, people are very busy on studying) also it is good to learn other Asian American cultural music, game and great food.

  56. Khanh Chi Tran says:

    Community action is important to do at Laney because of the way the campus is so diverse. At the AAAS faire, a lot of people, whether they were Asian or not, learned new things about Asian people and some Asian cultures. It would be nice if other races put together a faire too

  57. Sandra Lovanh says:

    Community Action is important at Laney because it allows students who’ve gone through similar experiences to band together. It also allows students who don’t know about other student’s experiences to be educated about their peers.

  58. Yoshi Asai says:

    Unfortunately I couldn’t be on time because of my class at Berkeley City College. Even though the fair was almost finished when I arrived, I could learned many things from the unique displays, and enjoyed the oriental food. Thanks guys, and thank you for my team members.

  59. Laney College has a lot of students from different country. Some people didn’t know Asian and Asian American history ,so it was important for Laney.Because it showed Asican American history,cultures and helped them to learn. I really enjoy the faire and it was wondeful faire.

  60. Thanhthuy Nguyen says:

    Why is ” community action ” important to do at Laney because they want to bring eveybody together also let people know about Laney College,and share all cultures from different countries.It is important to let students understant what is the AAAS faire ? Students can learn something new from each other and meet someone they never know before. Also communty action can help students get more ideas from different groups.It’s very good for people to enjoy all games active, music and delicious food at Laney

  61. Yonghong Xie says:

    Why is “community action” important to do at Laney College?
    Community Action is important to do at Laney College because it brings us to learn about different culture. The AAAS fair was very awesome.

  62. Ka Cheng Ho says:

    The community action is important to do at Laney college because this college is a mix culture environment, people can learn and understand more about other cultures through the action by working together, and from others’ experiences.

  63. Tram Pham says:

    I really love the Faire. It was so excited and made me so happy for joining it. Thanks Janine, our instructor for the very good activiy of our class. It turned the Asam 30 class so wonderful!

  64. Xiaoying Cen says:

    The AAAS Faire gives a good opportunity to the Laney students to communicate with each other and know more things about different cultures. It is good to participate in other Asain American Culture game, music, and food.

  65. Yin Cheng Ng says:

    It is a good opportunity for Laney College students to meet each other and is good to know more about other Asian culture and understand others and sharing the information about others. It is a very meaningful activity and I really enjoy the game,food and everything at the faire learn about more from other Asian American culture.

  66. Sanny Vinh Van says:

    there were alot of fun at the fair. This is important because it get everyone together. We get to know about each culture, traditional.

  67. yen huang says:

    the community action at laney it is important because that people come from different cultures and the luck to be together. that we can become a friend and share culture to the people.

  68. Lilin Huang says:

    Community action is important to do at Laney College because it helps people to know more about the Asian culture and know more friends, tightening our community. People can develop better relationship with each other only when people get a chance to know each other.

  69. jinai chen says:

    the faire is fun. you get to learn something about asian culture and have free food. there are many different games that you can play and it is not hard to play. people gather togetehr to make an action to speak for something. i would like to see more of these kind of activities happen in Laney college. 🙂

  70. Yingxiao Huang says:

    the community action is important to do at laney college, I think it’s because laney college is a community college. It has a lot of people from defferent contries and defferent cultures. The faire can make people come together and know more culture from each country. They also can share their personal experiences to each other and the best thing is we can share the food and play games together and have fun.

  71. Donald Bond says:

    Community action is important to do at Laney College because it allows different races, nationalities, and people of different religions to come together and celebrate our differences. We oftentimes feel like we have to hide our culture and true identity for fear of being judged or misunderstood or hated upon, that only those of similar beliefs can truly understand us. This way of thinking keeps us separated and in fear of each other, but community action events like the AAAS Faire allows a culture to expose and present itself without shame or fear. It takes down barriers and brings us that much closer together as a multicultural community.

  72. Jianmin Lin says:

    It’s a chance for students get closer. We can make more friends in the fair.

  73. MeiChang Liang says:

    community action important to do at Laney because there are different rates of people we can share the different culturs and talk about the important things.

  74. Loktim Chau says:

    Different students from different countries meet each others in Laney. A community action is very important to show one’s culture to others. It makes us konw more about the background of people from foreign countries.

  75. Meilan Lao says:

    “Community action” is important to do at Laney College because groups of different backgrounds need to understand each other by culture, folk, and life style. AAAS Faire provided a good opportunity for us to get a lot of interesting information.

  76. ivyfeng8 says:

    as we know that due to the state’s budget cut, we are all sufferring the difficulty. community action is especially important during this tough time. through the faire we can not only get to know different asian culture, most importantly, we feel the strength of working together, and we get support from each other.

  77. Decheng Wu says:

    The community action is important to do at laney collge because it gathers people from different counties to shared the games, share food, become friends with each other no matter where is he/she from. I think it was a great opportunity to let people know more about each culture and knowledge.

  78. Tae Yook says:

    The AAAS Faire shows community action towards Asians in which it allows us to come together to give us an opportunity to share our thoughts, culture and beliefs. It was a chance for Asains, international or resident, to get together to be a community.

  79. Zhuying Gan says:

    There are 2 reasons why the community action ia important to do. First, students can share their ideas with other people, and they show their design about their ideas. Second, the ation let a lot people know much about Asian American culture.

  80. haley goren says:

    Community action is important to do on a college campus so students don’t feel that they are alone in their interests. It is really easy to get lost in campus then by the time your class is over you just want to escape and go be home alone. Having a faire for all of the classes is a great way to make friends and see students working together. It gives the impression that we all have mature adult realistic goals and that we are all together in it.

  81. kjbo001 says:

    in the faire, each booth displayed different part of asian culture. music and dance performance, traditional holiday ceremony etc. it was a great opportunity to learn more about asian culture.

  82. Nguyet Do says:

    It’s extremely fun and meaningful activity than I expected. I was supprised with a lot of things that I have never seen them before. I did learnt a lot of things about Asian American culture. Moreover, this is really good chance for me to meet a lot of people and make friend whom I have’t talked to. I love it and wish to join it next year.

  83. yen huang says:

    the community action at laney is is important because that people come from different cultures and the luck to be together and that we can become a friendship and we can also share cluture to each other.

  84. Andrew Bernados says:

    Community action is important because it provides awareness to culture. It gives people a chance to learn about others and have more sensibility around others. Community action also helps break stereotypes and barriers between people which is why it is important. It gives people a sense of togetherness which helps build a community.

  85. kevin wong says:

    “why is community action inportant to do at laney college?”

    Community action is important at laney because at laney it is a very diverse community. Everyone can come together in a special gathering like the faire and share what everyone has to offer.

  86. Dongni Ma says:

    “Community Action” gives students at Laney college chances to work,learn and play with each other. It’s important and meaningful to have such an activity here, allowing all different culture gathering together. On the other hand, it provies an opportunity for students and teachers to communicate and get closer. It is really a great activity.

  87. Ken Nguyen says:

    ‘Community action’ is important to do at Laney College because Laney is a community college. It means students who done or are studying here, come from many different countries over the world. And the Faire is a opportunity for everyone understand the tradition cultural of each other. Beside that, it also show how important and what you can do with a group.

  88. Langli Chen says:

    community action is important to do at laney because laney college is a community college that combines with many different cultural people; asian is one of the important part of the different cultural people. we really need to introduce asian cultural and hatibit to laney students, so they can learn more interested knowledge and have a nice relationship with asian.

  89. Laura Kenmotsu says:

    Community action is an integral component of Laney College because it continues the progress of education as a way toward achieving a greater community. Education is the most essential level of community development because it thrives and prospers when reaching a large audience. The importance of taking community action at Laney is vital in order to invigorate education within the community and to invite the community to thrive in education.

  90. Boi Trinh (Michelle) says:

    “Community action” is important to do at Laney College because it allows everyone, coming from the different countries and cultures, connects, works, and shares special and typical things of their own contries with each other.
    The Faire was good, and interesting. Specially, the food and games mades the Faire to more excitement and fun.

  91. King Rull says:

    Community action is important so every people, regardless of nationality, age, gender, financial state, and religion, can understand each other. One advantage of understanding each one another is learning different cultures and life insights.

  92. Aabed Nekrawesh says:

    Its important because it shows the other people no matter what they are see what that certain community is about. I feel like it brings a certain diverse surrounding while people do this and that is very important by it self.

  93. Marn Saechao says:

    Community Action is very important at Laney College because this school is very diverse. Having events like the AAAS helps student understand each others’ culture and background a little better. Some may be able to relate and come may not but it still gives students something to be a part of. It is also great to have because we can see how many different kind of people came and enjoy the event.

  94. Saro Niuatoa says:

    Community Action is what the faire was all about. To me, there was groups of the same or a diverse race was presenting not just there own culture but other culture as well in a community enviroment. Also we are in Oakland, it is important to come together beause violence needs to stop. Thats the main objective to come together and to be part of a Community Action. Reduce the violence and increase the peace is the soultion.

  95. Zahra Saremi says:

    One of the most important steps in making the community aware of cultural differences is local activities. The event that we had at Laney College was very prosperous in terms of letting other people know about Asian culture, estereotypes against them as well as movies and artists. The activities let the student body learn about other nationality which was a great point about this event.

  96. WIlson (zhihuan) Yang says:

    Every one did well on the fair. I enjoy the show very much because I am one of the vendors there. Community action is important at laney because of it can bring everyone together, to know each other better, to understand each culture better.

  97. Xiumei Huang says:

    “community action” is important to do at Laney College becuase Laney has so many students who have different culture and background, community action could help more and more students to learn more culture. It is also a way for students to communicate with more other people.

  98. brittini J7385 says:

    i feel it is a essential need to have community action at all public schools.To help students gain a better perspective towards other cultures and there traditions as well as be able to explore and enjoy the cultural diversity we have today through fun but yet educational festivities like the AAAs faire heald at laney college.I had a blast…

  99. chuntingcheng says:

    Community Action is very important at Laney College because different can join together and communicate with each other. It is a great way to learn about different clutres and make new friends.

  100. Kiki says:

    The faire was amazing! There was food, fun and education. But most importantly there was an overwhelming sense of community and unity. All of my classmates were so creative with their games and displays. It was great! If you missed it this year look out next year!

  101. Jiemei Yang says:

    Laney College is very diverse. Since we are students here, we should participate in community action in order to bring more awareness and understanding of this diversity. With awareness and understanding, we can get along better with each other.

  102. Desiny D says:

    This was my first AAAS Faire in Laney College. I honestly did not expect it to be an awesome experience. The Faire had many interesting topics and very unique posters with all the fun games added to it. The people were very friendly and I would love to participate it again in the future.

  103. John Ho says:

    This Faire was amazing. I had lots of fun creating a project and connecting with other groups. Everyone was having a good time getting to know each other. It was a big festive melting pot of asian diversity and culture and was a great experience.

  104. Kelvin Wong says:

    Community Action is very important at Laney College. It helps bring the community together through what we are trying to accomplish. Even though Laney is very diverse, we have come together to show what we have been learning.

  105. Kay Ng says:

    Community activity is an important event for laney students. We can learn different value from other culture. It is a good opportunity to let the students came together to make worksdone.

  106. Jiahuan Wei says:

    The AAAF faire is my first faire in Laney College. This faire will let people know more about didferent culture,and met didferent people in the faire, is better than you study alone. I enjoy it ths faire and learn alot from AAAS faire. I hope we will have more community action coming in Laney College.

  107. Kent Wong says:

    Community action is important to Laney College because it brings lots of the students together. Through the AAAS Faire we can know more about the Asian culture and communicate with the others. It strengthen the relationship between everyone, who participated in the event.

  108. xiaoping says:

    Community action is important to Laney College because we can learn from each other. such as culture. we can work with each other and help each other.

  109. xiaoping wu says:

    Community action is important to Laney College because we can learn from each other. such as culture. we can work and help each other.

  110. Jeremy Chiu says:

    Community Action in my opinion is defined as actions taken by the local community in order to further learning and certain values. It is important to the Laney College community because it allows students to experience authentic Asian culture that is quite prominent at the College. It also provides an opportunity for students in ASAME to learn more about Asian culture.

  111. Mi Nguyen says:

    Laney college is a Community College, so the “Community Action” is very important to the solidarity as well as communication among Laney students. With Community Action at Laney Community College, students have more chance to understand the diversity of the Community College.

  112. faithhuang0718 says:

    The Asian American is a big community at laney college. The AAAS faire provided a medium for communication between the Asian American and other communities. I found it a very fun learning experience.

  113. Hai To says:

    I really in enjoyed being apart of the festivities.There was alot of fun but educational games,great food,and i learned alot about the asian american culture…

  114. geneva carrington says:

    Community action is important because it raises awareness about the things going on in our school. by involving our community we can also help attract people that may want to help our school be better or bring new fresh ideas. i think culturally and ethnically we offer so many more classes than other schools. By bringing in our community we can show just how much we know, learn, and offer about different cultures!!!!

  115. Dominic Wong says:

    Community action encourages sharing of ideas thus learning from new perspectives. One can’t always see all sides of a happening. Learning to see from what the others see will widen our views thus creating a deeper understanding on any matter discussed

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