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Peralta News – Laney Culinary Arts Students on National Stage

14 October 2013

CMC awards medal Laney College

Our new Laney College Culinary Arts Competition team went to the ACF nationally sanctioned competition this weekend held in conjunction with the Sacramento Farm to Fork festival on Friday, in order to study the student performance and techniques of teams from many other schools from across the state.

One of our team members Cynthia Phillips was very motivated to compete after some encouragement from the judges, which included 2 of the only 65 Certified Master Chefs in the United States.

She practiced all night, and with little if any sleep showed up the next morning and scored enough points to earn a bronze medal, missing out on the Silver by only fractions of a point.

It is truly an honor to be selected to be the ACF Competition Coach for Cynthia and her teammates as they place the Laney College Culinary Arts department on a national stage.

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