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Peralta Professor to Offer MOOC Variant

30 November 2012

Modern Languages Professor Dr. Fabian Banga will open his class on Contemporary Latin American Literature in Spring 2013

The Peralta Community College District will offer a variant of a non-credit “MOOC” (Massive Open Online Course) in Spring, 2013, in which the material and lectures of a regular, for-credit course, will also be open to the community as a non-credit learning activity. Modern Languages professor Dr. Fabian Banga’s MOOC variant will be about Contemporary Latin American Literature and taught entirely in Spanish.

According to Dr. Banga, “The emphasis of the MOOC will be on social interaction; promoting discussions outside the course in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and Google+. This will give the community an opportunity to build new social groups around a topic, in this case the material in Contemporary Latin American Literature (Spanish 38). This part of the activity, without credit or fees, opens colleges to the community without the pressure of taking an accredited course.”

There are two ways to participate in Dr. Banga’s MOOC variant:

Students can enroll at the Peralta Community College District and take the course for college credit (limited number of registrations).

Individuals can participate in the MOOC learning activity for no credit and no charge.

About the Class: Spanish 38, Contemporary Latin American Literature is a lower division course that examines Latin American literature through the reading of short stories from prominent Latin American writers, such as Gabriel García Márquez, Julio Cortázar, Cristina Peri Rossi, Juan Rulfo, and Carlos Fuentes. The course is offered entirely in Spanish.

About the professor and BCC: Dr. Fabian Banga is Professor and Chair of the Modern Languages Department at Berkeley City College. Berkeley City College is one of the four colleges in the Peralta Community College District.



Dr. Fabian Banga: fbanga@peralta.edu

Dr. Michael Orkin: morkin@peralta.edu


MOOC site: http://eberkeley.org/mooc

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