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Peralta Matters – Summer of Science

22 July 2013

Part 1

It’s the ‘Summer of Science’ part one of a two-part special on Peralta Matters! We kick things off with a student who started attending Laney College at just 13 years old, Maha Mostafi. She talks about why science is important and how the classes she’s taken changed her life. Also from Laney College we talk with Professor Mark Rauzon, who shares his observations on how science is perceived and how he demonstrates the accessibility of science to his students. Our third guest, Robin Kang -- a Berkeley City College student talks about her experience with the biotechnology program and the benefits of having hands-on lab instruction. Last but not least, we welcome Berkeley City College Professor Brandon Celaya. He discusses how he keeps his students engaged and the influence of tools in the science world. Get comfortable, we are starting the ‘Summer of Science’ on Peralta Matters with a big bang!


Part 2

On this episode of Peralta Matters, we continue with part 2 of ‘Summer of Science’. First up, we have Professor Patti Tsai from the College of Alameda who talks about her experiences with being an instructor with the Peralta Colleges. Followed by 2 students, Anya Desai and Sara Sandu that were on a search for knowledge and found inspiration and a whole new world with the sciences. Last up, we have the amazing Gisele Giorgi, Professor and Director of the Merritt College Microscopy Program. She talks about how the program is a pioneer in the world of microscopy.

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