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Peralta Bond Project Outreach Program

12 June 2020

The Peralta Community College District is sincerely thankful for the generosity and support of the citizens of Alameda County. We are actively building the new Peralta our community deserves.

In fulfilling this vision for a new Peralta, the district is committed to making sure the process has a direct, positive impact on the community and economy. It is district policy to work towards at least 25% small local business participation in capital improvement projects.

To achieve this goal, the district held a community outreach forum sponsored by AECOM (the company helping manage district bond projects). Emails were sent to hundreds of vendors and the event was publicized on social media along with advertisements in six local newspapers

More than 120 people attended representing businesses interested in working on the bond project. This is the first of several such events; the district will continue to reach out to local community vendors, providing them the training and tools to bid be a part of this tremendous opportunity.

After an initial presentation by AECOM describing some of the upcoming projects, there was an extensive question and answer period that allowed panelists to answer over 75 questions during the workshop. Attendees voluntarily answered online survey to provide crucial information about their firms. The feedback provided will allow for data collections on firms’ ownership ethnicity, business experience, and interest in technical assistance support related to the bond program.

A new Auto and Diesel Technology building at College of Alameda, a replacement for the Horticulture building at Merritt College, Berkeley City College expanding into a new, additional building, a new Library Learning Resource Center at Laney College: these are just some of the many projects in various stages of planning. There are opportunities to provide architectural services, civil/structural engineering, records management and inspection, surveying, information technology, landscape architecture, hazardous materials disposal and more.

Go to to catch a glimpse of the exciting future and to find out how we can help make it a reality together.

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Lisa Cook Completes Transformational Leadership Program

16 August 2019

The Association of California Community College Administrators (ACCCA) announced that Lisa R. Cook, Dean of Liberal Arts, Social Sciences and Mathematics at Berkeley City College has successfully completed training in the 2019 Administration 201: Transformational Leadership Program. The program provides leadership skills development in an Academy setting and focuses on change management and core leadership skills. 

“ACCCA develops training programs to help build administrative acumen within a system tasked with meeting the needs of over 2 million students,” said Susan Bray, ACCCA Executive Director. “Lisa demonstrates exceptional skill for collaboration within our industry. Her ultimate success as a professional will help the system meet its student success goals.”

The Admin 201 program was launched in 2010 to help train the next generation of leaders in the California community colleges. Candidate for the Admin 201 program are vetted for their potential for future system leadership, and are selected from a statewide pool of applicants.  There were 31 participants in the Administration 201 cohort completing their studies in July 2019, including two participants from the Peralta Community College District: Lisa Cook of Berkeley City College and David Lee of Laney College. The Peralta District congratulates Lisa and David for their hard work and pursuit of excellence. 

About ACCCA: The Association was formed as a non-profit in 1976 to represent the interests of the administrators and managers of the largest system of higher education in the world. ACCCA develops and supports current and future California community administrators through professional development, networking and advocacy. 

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Get Help Enrolling at Super Saturdays : January 20 & 27

16 January 2018

Super Saturdays
January 20 & 27, 9am – 1pm

Admissions, orientation, assessment, counseling, financial aid, and the cashier’s office will be available at all four campuses to provide personal assistance with Spring admissions and enrollment.

Prepare for Saturday


In order to complete all of the necessary steps within a Super Saturday, it is recommended that you review the Application & Enrollment Steps webpage and complete the OpenCCC/CCCApply online application (Step 1) at least 24 hours before attending. This way your Student ID will be ready and you can get started on the next steps upon arrival!

OpenCCC/CCCApply Online Application Assistance:

Please arrive early in the day if you would like assistance with the online application (Step 1). You will need an email address (gmail and yahoo are popular services), accurate date of birth, dates of previous high school/college enrollment, and social security number (required only if applying for financial aid) to apply.

Orientation, Assessment, Counseling:

Bring a valid ID (Driver’s license, passport, state-issued ID, student ID card) and any high school (within 10 years) or college transcripts you would like to be used for placement or development of your educational plan with your counselor. Unofficial or official transcripts are both accepted, however, official transcripts are recommended so that they can be kept in our database. You may also bring assessment test results from another instution from within the last three years.

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Outstanding Grads of the Class of 2014: Meet Valentino Calderon

28 May 2014


Valentino Calderon, outgoing president of the Associated Students of Berkeley City College (ASBCC), plans to transfer to UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering. Fascinated by the potential of integrating brain-computer interfaces to help people overcome cognitive disabilities, his major will be Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

While at Berkeley City College, Calderon has maintained a 4.0 GPA and was concurrently enrolled in classes at Cal while attending BCC. Achieving college success was not without obstacles. While a sophomore in high school, Mr. Calderon suffered a brain injury that affected his cognitive abilities.

“Academics, something that once came so easily, became an everyday challenge,” he recalled. “But my cognitive disabilities served as my motivation for excelling in college.”

Following in his brothers’ footsteps, Mr. Caldron decided to begin his higher education at a community college. He moved to Berkeley from Southern California and entered Berkeley City.

As president of ASBCC, Mr. Calderon advocated for creating the position of campus life director at all four Peralta Colleges. He also instituted bimonthly town hall meetings and oversaw a complete revision of ASBCC’s constitution, student body elections, and organized the first student candidate debates on campus.

“There are no limits; there are only plateaus,” he said. “With the right support, I can achieve new bounds and create new realities.”

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Outstanding Grads of the Class of 2014: Meet Mirko Ranieri

22 May 2014

Mirko Ranieri

Mirko Ranieri, who is Berkeley City College President’s Award winner for the Class of 2014, will graduate tonight with a business administration degree. While at BCC, Mr. Ranieri turned his many economic challenges into a series of academic and career-building opportunities. The 22-year-old international student, whose second language is English, was born and raised in Italy. He has just been accepted to UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and to Harvard University.

Mirko’s unique background had him preparing for a professional soccer career in Italy at age 16 when he was recruited by Tottenham Hotspur, an English Premier League soccer club, to train as a goalkeeper. He was required to learn English, leave his working class family in Italy, and almost failed to graduate from high school. But each night, after a full day of soccer practice, Mirko would study and in summer 2011, took his high school exams and earned his diploma. Shortly thereafter, an accident halted his soccer career forever: He collided with a player on an opposing team and broke the ligaments in his knee.

“The dream that took me out of my Italian home was shattered,” he recalled. “After extensive research, I learned that the Peralta colleges, surrounded by the Bay Area’s spirit of innovation, provided exactly what I was looking for.”

Even though there was no money for college, he enrolled at Berkeley City and budgeted his life “down to the last penny.”

“Establishing a foundation for living in America has been my hardest challenge,” he noted. But, undaunted, Mirko turned those challenges into impressive accomplishments. While at BCC, he founded the college’s Business and Finance Club; was elected president of BCC’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the international community college honor students’ society and was a member of BCC’s Student Ambassador Corps. He also was and continues to be active in the National Association of Black Accountants.

He has won scholarships from the National Association of Black Accountants, the Coca-Cola Foundation, and is a finalist for the Jack Kent Cooke Transfer Scholarship.

“I was looking for a second chance at success and came here to prove myself,” he said.  “Berkeley City College and Peralta gave me everything: resources, classes, people who could help me out and give good advice about my future. They helped me to jump out of my comfort zone.”

That future will be as an entrepreneur, devising technologies that can make the world a better place.   “Dream big and be a go-getter; if you work hard, you can achieve a lot,” he advised.


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