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Laney College Biomanufacturing Students Help Local Company Accelerate Process Development

13 May 2016


With the San Francisco-based Ardra Bio, Inc., continuing the development and scale-up of bio-based 1,3-butanediol, students from the Biomanufacturing Program at Laney College, Oakland, are helping to accelerate the process. The students are developing the skill sets required in biotechnology industry, working under the guidance of Dr. Jonas Muller, Chief Scientific Officer at Ardra. The collaborative effort was initiated by Douglas Bruce (Instructor, Biomanufacturing), who believes that hands-on experience is invaluable in preparing students for the industry and, thus, reached out to IndieBio for potential opportunities for his students.

Ardra is a bio-based specialty chemicals company incubated at IndieBio, San Francisco, and is currently developing a fermentation-based process for production of the specialty chemical 1,3-butanediol (commonly known as butylene glycol).

Working with Ardra provides the Laney College students exposure to the biotech start-up environment, and gives them an opportunity to test the skills learnt through the biomanufacturing program. Students are helping Ardra with various activities including fermentation runs, sample analysis, and also research activities towards new product discovery.

“I am very proud of the development of our biomanufacturing program, and the exciting opportunities for our students to collaborate with industry professionals at the same time as they are continuing their studies at Laney College,” said Dr. Leslie Blackie, Biomanufacturing Program Director. “Our program is a career technical education program, emphasizing hands- on skills and placement in the workforce. I am also really excited about the expanding directions our instructor, Doug Bruce, is taking the program, with the new partnerships between biotech startup companies and the students at Laney College,” added Dr. Blackie.

This exciting collaboration between Laney College and one of Indie Bio’s startup companies is allowing biomanufacturing students to get real world experience in cutting-edge science. Laney College students are working along side scientists and getting additional hands-on time with the bioreactors and analytical equipment. Two of the students working with Ardra have already accepted job offers at biotech companies, and the training they received in the biomanufacturing program gave them a huge leg up in the job interview process.

Photo Credit: Jonas Muller, Ardra. From left: Rowland Morey (student), Douglas Bruce (instructor), Gizem Efe (student), and Ryan Schumacher (student).

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Merritt Kids College 2014 Starting June 16

27 January 2014

Exploring Career Pathways at Merritt Kids College. Administration of Justice, Nursing, Biotechnology, Fire Science, Horticulture, Nutrition, Art, Sports and Fun! For more information call Dr. Stacy Thompson at (510) 436-2609.


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Peralta News – BioFest at Merritt College

24 January 2013

Held in conjunction with the Bay Area Science Festival, BioFest is a celebration of technological advancements in Biotechnology, including Genomics and Microscopy, and an introduction to emerging careers in Biological Sciences. You can also look at your own cells under our many microscopes, or bring your own material to use in our interactive microscope demos.

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The Peralta Colleges Add 200 New Classes For Spring Semester – Students Urged to Enroll Now!

10 January 2013

To meet increased demand, the Peralta Colleges–Berkeley City College, College of Alameda and Laney and Merritt Colleges in Oakland–have added 200 new classes for the spring 2013 semester.

The courses are filling up quickly, and students need to enroll now to ensure they get the classes they need. Classes start January 22, 2013.

The added classes include English, Math, Biology, Business, Biotechnology, Multimedia Arts, Music, Art, Social Science, Ethnic Studies, Political Science, ESL, Environmental, Dance and other areas of study.

After years of state-imposed budget cuts that resulted in fewer classes, the passage of Proposition 30 in November made it possible for the Peralta Colleges to add additional classes for the spring semester. This will enable the colleges to accommodate 700 more full-time students.

To enroll in the classes, students should check the Peralta Community College District online class schedule at, and sign up for classes as quickly as possible.

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BioFest at Merritt College

19 October 2012

In conjunction with the Bay Area Science Festival, Merritt College – one of the four colleges in the Peralta Community College District that includes Berkeley City College, College of Alameda and Laney College in Oakland – is sponsoring the first annual “BioFest” on October 27th, 2012 from noon to 6 p.m. in the Huey Newton and Bobby Seale Lounge, R Building, Merritt College, 12500 Campus Drive, Oakland, CA 94619. Parking will be free.

“BioFest at Merritt College is a celebration of technological advancements in Biotechnology, including Genomics and Microscopy” says Dr. Hank Fabian, faculty member in the Merritt Microscopy program. “The purpose of this event is to introduce the general public to emerging careers in biological sciences. Merritt College offers training for the jobs of tomorrow in the exciting fields of Genomics and Microscopy. This festival will include interactive activities for all ages, and is a great way to explore the fun side of biology.”

People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to come to BioFest – there will even be a scavenger hunt for kids. Additionally, opportunities will be available for participants to get their ancestry tested at a significant discount, look at their own cells under our many microscopes, or even bring their own material to use in our interactive microscope demos. Additionally, Merritt students will give presentations on modern health issues and their experiences being trained for these new careers.

Explore careers in biology through short seminars and individual interactions with industry experts, program graduates and career counselors. Tour our facilities and marvel at modern innovation in biology. Enjoy the video art installation “small worlds of wonder.” Win free gene ancestry testing, art prints and other fun prizes with our raffle and door prizes. Snack on tasty treats at the opening and closing receptions. Join us for a fun day! Reaffirm or even discover your own passion for science!

For more info:
Contact person: Dr. Hank Fabian,, 436-2616

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