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Chancellor’s Announcement – Back to Campus Update August 18, 2021

18 August 2021

August 18, 2021 


Dear Peralta Community,  


Thank you to all the faculty, staff, and administrators who are working so diligently to prepare for the fall semester that begins on Monday, August 23, 2021.  We’ve accomplished a lot to get ready and there’s still much to do.   


Vaccination Policy  

The PCCD Board of Trustees approved the first Bay Area community college district vaccination policy for students and employees, which we announced on August 5th. Employees, contractors, and students are required to show proof of vaccination (or a recent negative COVID test result) in order to be on campus. The draft administrative procedure regarding vaccinations has been posted on the Safe Peralta website and you can read it here.  We’ve also just posted the draft COVID-19 Prevention Plan.    


All of these documents and plans have been shared with leaders from all three collective bargaining units. We’ve met with the Peralta Federation of Teachers, and they have already indicated approval. We have met with IUOE Local 39 and they understand the policy and are not opposed. We have reached out to SEIU Local 1021 and hope to discuss with them shortly.   


Upcoming vaccination opportunities are posted on the Safe Peralta website. Free COVID testing for students is available at the Roots Clinic. We are investigating potential partners for on-campus testing service for students and employees.   


To aid with vaccination status tracking and campus access, employees should use Company Nurse online, a service offered by our insurance provider ASCIP. The screening and vaccination information submission form guide is available online at Safe Peralta.  Employees can start the process on the Company Nurse website here.   


Students and contractors should use the Campus Shield app. Campus Shield is available for both mobile devices and desktop computers but we recommend using the mobile app when visiting a campus. Once installed, use the COVID Health Assessment function within Campus Sheild to answer the screening questions for campus entry.   


We understand that many questions may come up regarding the vaccination policy.  Please send your questions to Human Resources at  There are FAQs posted on the Safe Peralta website, for employees and for students, and we’ll be using your feedback to get these FAQs updated.    



In my August 10th Announcement with Vice Chancellor of General Services Atheria Smith, we provided a building cleaning schedule. With “Help from HPLE” (High Performance Learning Environments), the cleaning teams have made excellent progress.  As of last night, August 17, 2021, the buildings that were prioritized for cleaning at all four colleges and the District office have been cleaned, tested, passed the tests, and are ready for use.   

  • Following CDC guidelines, plumbing for our water supply has been flushed in order to prevent Legionella and other potential problems from water systems after a prolonged shutdown.   
  • HVAC systems have been examined and we are working through the list of things discovered during that examination including the changing of air filters.   
  • Signs for posting on campuses with information about indoor mask requirements and CDC recommendations for mitigating the spread of COVID are currently being printed. These will be posted on the campuses on Friday, August 20th.   

We will open with limits on August 23rd.  DGS, working closely with IT and Risk Management, is trying to standardize the entry process for all campuses. Berkeley City College will have a slightly different access procedure given the process for facial recognition and temperature-taking already in use there. We will share the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) with the Vice Presidents of Administrative Services at each of the campuses.  


Buildings prioritized for opening have been cleaned and tested. Marina Security will have patrol officers stationed at those building entrances to review COVID access credentials (Company Nurse for employees and Campus Shield for students and visitors).  Kiosks will be available at Laney, Merritt, and COA to help students and employees with access to Campus Shield and Company Nurse. These kiosks will be staffed from 7:30am to 8:30pm Monday through Friday, with additional time planned for weekend classes.  


All campuses will have security teams patrolling 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As always, if you need to report a security or safety concern, or need an escort from a campus location to the parking lot, you can call the Campus Public Safety dispatcher at (510) 466-7236.  


DGS will be providing daily updates as we continue to prepare for the limited opening on August 23rd. We will be posting those updates on 


Flex Day  

Please join me on Thursday morning, August 19th, to kick off the district-wide Flex Day for professional development. I’ll be sharing more about my vision for our community and the need for “ubuntu” here at Peralta.  The morning session begins at 8:30am – please register for the opening session here.   


The situation with COVID-19 and the Delta variant is changing rapidly and we ask for your patience as we work to maintain a safe environment for students and employees.  Please visit to keep up with the latest developments here at PCCD.  


Again, thank you all for your dedication in serving the students of the Peralta Community College District.   


Be Safe, and Stay Well,  

Jannett N. Jackson, PhD  

Interim Chancellor 


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College of Alameda Students Assisting in Research Study with UC Berkeley of Possible Ancient Asteroid Collision on Earth

20 February 2013

College of Alameda

Did a large asteroid collide with Earth 66 million years ago? College of Alameda chemistry students Jon Howell, Jessica Ng and Jenna Luckhardt are helping COA chemistry professor Peter Olds elucidate the nature of this possible ancient impact by working on KT Boundary Impact Rocks at UC Berkeley lab.

Scientists are currently trying to determine if a large asteroid or comet collided with the Earth 66 million years ago, probably causing the demise of the non-avian dinosaurs and 75% of animal and plant species. This catastrophic disruption is known as the Cretaceous-Tertiary or KT impact event. Scientists study this KT event by separating and identifying small grains of the mineral chromite, which were deposited with the impact layer 66 million years ago in southern Colorado and eastern Wyoming. It is not known yet whether these grains are from the terrestrial target rocks or from the extraterrestrial impacting object. Chemistry and mineralogy tests, like the ones these CoA students are conducting, will provide the answer.

“If the grains are terrestrial then the consensus view that the Chicxulub crater on the Yucatan Peninsula is the only KT boundary impact site will be thrown into doubt”, says COA chemistry professor Peter Olds. “If the grains are extraterrestrial, science may be able to identify the type of object (class of meteorite) that hit. Whatever the answer, it will be new and exciting,” added Olds.

This research is currently being carried out at the Earth and Planetary Science Department at UC Berkeley where at least one of these College of Alameda students plans to transfer.

“With sufficient funds and allocation of space, this project could be expanded into a rock chemistry program at The Peralta Colleges’ 860 Atlantic science facility,” said College of Alameda President, Jannett Jackson, “allowing a much greater number of COA science students to benefit from the experience.”

Faculty and administrators within the Peralta Community College District – which also includes Berkeley City College and Laney and Merritt Colleges in Oakland – believe that lab experience, as well as lab safety skills, gained in such an environment are transferable to other scientific disciplines. A job well done in this research study may result in student transfer to quality four-year academic institutions like UC Berkeley or opportunities for employment as a laboratory technician in the private or government sectors. “This is a wonderful educational opportunity for current and future students at The Peralta Colleges,” said president Jackson.

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Representatives from Chinese College Visit College of Alameda to Learn Best Practices

24 January 2013

College of AlamedaOn Friday January 18, 2013 representatives from the Guangxi College of Water Resource and Electric Power in China visited College of Alameda – one of the four Peralta Colleges that includes Berkeley City College and Laney and Merritt Colleges in Oakland – for the purpose of promoting international cooperation and exchange of knowledge and best practices.  The visit was coordinated through the Sino-Canada Technology Exchange Center, which is based in Toronto with a branch office in Beijing, China. Its mandate is to promote the professional and business exchanges between China and North America. The center is also authorized by the Chinese government to coordinate visiting programs for the Chinese government agencies and departments in Canada and the United States.

Interested in developing international cooperation and exchange programs with well-established U.S. higher educational institutions – in their efforts to promote innovative educational programming and quality education with a distinctive character – the Guangxi College of Water Resource and Electric Power, through the efforts of the Sino-Canadian Technology Exchange Center, organized a delegation of 20 faculty, staff and administrators to visit the College of Alameda.

“We were so honored the College of Water Resource and Electric Power chose College of Alameda for their visit,” said CoA President, Jannett Jackson.

“They are interested in identifying strong post-secondary institutions in the U.S. that promote innovative educational programming and quality vocational education, and CoA ranks high on that list,” added Dr. Jackson.

Wishing to establish cooperation, the delegation, headed by Weijun Huang, Vice President of Guangxi College, discussed potential partnerships with their American counterparts, with the goal in mind of adopting solutions that can be utilized back in China. Of specific interest was College of Alameda’s career-oriented education programs and courses; its strategies and good practices in improving education quality, and effectiveness and outcomes of programs; and the college’s ability to maintain competitiveness through institutional improvement, innovative educational programming and curriculum design that responds to students’ and adult learners’ evolving learning and career aspirations and needs.

Mr. Huang and his delegation stated that College of Alameda was chosen because of its extensive experience and expertise in developing highly interactive and practical technical education programs (especially, award-winning vocational programs, including the Transportation Technology Program, Diesel and Truck Mechanics Program, and Computer Information Systems Program) through extensive partnership building with associated industries, ensuring that curriculum is relevant and meets industry current and future needs, and thereby preparing graduates for excellent career opportunities.

Guangxi College of Water Resource and Electric Power is situated in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Region. The college was founded in 1956, as a key institution co-sponsored by the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the Ministry of Water Resources of the People’s Republic of China. It is a technical post-secondary educational institution specializing in the field of water resources and hydropower, mechanical and electrical engineering, architectural engineering and other multidisciplinary subjects. For more information about the College, please visit its official website:

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Peralta News – Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour at College of Alameda

4 November 2011. 0 comments

On October 7, the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour stopped at the College of Alameda. With dynamic speakers, one-on-one counseling, and vast networking opportunities, the tour inspires students to consider ways to start businesses and provides tools and connections to do so. College of Alameda President Dr. Jannett Jackson and Assemblymember Sandre Swanson were on-hand to show their support.

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Peralta News – Chancellor Search Selection Committee

21 October 2011. 0 comments

Peralta News – Chancellor Search Selection Committee

At it’s October 11, 2011 meeting, the Board of Trustees of the Peralta Community College District approved nominations from constituency groups to form the Chancellor Search Selection Committee. The Committee consists of 14 nominees as outline below.

Three community representatives nominated by representatives of the Board:

John Brauer:  Executive Director of Workforce Collaborative, an Oakland-based nonprofit.  He is actively involved in job training and working with employment partners with Atlas Program of College of Alameda and the Career Advancement Academy.  He has a BS in Political Science and a MPA in Public Administration.

Dr. Henry Der:  Community Activist affiliated with the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation; Four Freedoms Fund; and CA Postsecondary Education Commission among other organizations.  He is also an active Board member and affiliate with Emery Education Fund and Advisory Board Member of Leadership High School.  Mr. Der holds a MS in Business Administration from Golden Gate University and a Masters Degree in Education from Stanford University.

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