C: Key Campus Representatives to Be Notified in the event of a Sexual Assault, Should the Victim/Survivor Choose

When any one of the campus offices listed below is notified of a sexual assault on or near a College property, that office should immediately notify the other offices so listed without divulging the survivor’s name unless permission has been obtained.

Peralta Sheriff Department: (510) 465‐3514

Vice President of Student Services: (510) 464-3214

Director of Health Services: (510) 464-3516

Mental Health Services: (510) 464-3535

Director of Student Activities and Campus Life: (510) 464-3536

  • The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act

    Friday 19 August 2022
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  • Peralta Community College District

    The District comprises four colleges serving northern Alameda County.