College Responsibility

The College’s first responsibility in responding to reports of sexual assault, dating & domestic violence, or stalking is attending to the needs of the individuals involved. All potential first responders who are affiliated with Laney College shall go through a formal training on how to assist victims/survivors of sexual assaults. All reports of sexual assault are taken with the utmost seriousness, and the victim/survivor will be referred to the appropriate persons or units for assistance. The College is also responsible for ensuring that the individual charged with committing the assault is treated fairly. The alleged assailant will be presumed innocent until proven guilty and will be referred to appropriate services for assistance.

A Laney College employee reporting a recent incident of sexual assault, dating & domestic violence, or stalking should be advised to speak to her/his supervisor. A student should be directed to the College’s Vice President of Student Services. Each also should be directed to the Peralta Sheriff Department for reporting or other options as appropriate. It is not the function of any campus representative to urge a particular course of action upon the victim/survivor.

  • The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act

    Tuesday 6 June 2023
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  • Peralta Community College District

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