All affected individuals will be accorded the right to privacy, and confidentiality will be maintained other than in circumstances where there is a need to know and to the extent permitted by College policy and California law.  Extremely sensitive information is gathered during the investigation of a complaint of sexual assault, dating & domestic violence, or stalking. California law provides constitutional and statutory protection for the privacy of the individual and specifically allows a complainant of sexual violence to report as “Jane Doe” or “John Doe” in order to maintain confidentiality. To protect the individual’s privacy rights, the names of individuals or other identifying information, especially which contained in written documents and notes, will only be disclosed to third parties if prior written permission is given by the individual concerned or to those authorized by state or federal law to receive such information.

In cases of incidents involving students, the Vice President of Student Services or designee is responsible for initiating an investigation, in collaboration with Peralta Sheriff Department, and for proceeding with student disciplinary procedures, if deemed appropriate; and for ensuring that a student who is an alleged victim/survivor is kept informed of any ongoing investigation.  Information shall include the status of any student disciplinary proceedings or appeal.  The alleged victim/survivor is required to maintain any such information in confidence, unless the alleged assailant has waived rights to confidentiality.

  • The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act

    Friday 19 August 2022
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    The District comprises four colleges serving northern Alameda County.