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NEW CCPT’s — Resources

Resources for CCPT’s:

Partner MOU

We developed an MOU that we used with our K12 and community college partners. Please find it here: Career Pathway Trust Contract FINAL


For the role of Intermediary, the EBCP developed an RFA for a K12 Employer Liaison and allocated funds directly to the colleges to hire Work-based Learning Coordinators. Please find here the K12 Employer Liaison RFA along with the CPT Intermediary CC Addendum to MOU_FINAL (guidelines for colleges in the form of an addendum to our original MOU above).


For the collection of data, we contract with the Alameda County Office of Education and hired a Data Analyst half-time. We developed surveys to assist the field in collecting data and we upload the data for our partners to the Launchboard. Here are those surveys: CDE Data Surveys Pathway Participant Counts – Google Forms Pathway Program Information- K-12 2014-15 – Google Forms

Improved Placement

For Improved Placement, we are working with our K12 partners to sign MOU’s with their feeder community college(s) in order to facilitate student-level data sharing. Our college partners’ English and math departments are developing decision rules for how to use the transcript information being shared by K12’s along with other criteria. Here is a sample Data Sharing MOU: Data Sharing Agreement – Sample

Budget Management

In an effort to support partners in their implementation and follow CDE’s guidelines, we have developed the following forms and processes:

CPT RFA Insert re allowable non-allowable costs

Institution CPT Time and Effort Certification 030316

Contractor CPT Time and Effort Certification 120115

CPT Quarterly Invoice template – LEA 032816

CPT Monthly Invoice Template – LEA 031616

Fiscal Report Narrative Template 112015

Invoice Addendum

CPT Invoice template Quarterly-Contractor 011216

CPT Invoice template Monthly-Contractor 032116

PROGRESS REPORT BY DELIVERABLES-contractor invoice 042116

CPT Spreadsheet for All BudgetRev Requests 050516

CPT Budget Revision Request Letter Template-10% or greater 050516


We let all partners know the following as well:

“ Effective July 1, 2015, for audit purposes, the required supporting documentation has been revised and the following additional documentation will need to be submitted with each invoice submission (revised template will be provided to you on July 1, 2015) :

  1. Paid Invoices/Receipts for itemized costs over $200.00 (e.g. consultant services, books, supplies)
  2. Approved Personnel/Position Action forms for newly created CPT positions (one-time only)
  3. Timesheets or other supporting payroll documents (e.g. Time & Effort Certification Activity Log,template will be provided upon request) for CPT-paid positions”

Technical Assistance

We identified several technical assistance providers in the grant; you will find an overview of the whom and the what here: TA Overview, 2014-15.

Pathway Program Definition

Over several months, K12 and community college stakeholders came together to develop a definition of “Pathway Program.” We considered elements contained in the CCPT RFA as well as the developmental diversity in our region in developing the rubric. Please find the rubric here: K-14PathwayRubric.

Early College Credit

Some resources — and please know that while we are working on dual enrollment, we are also expanding other early college credit opportunities such as concurrent enrollment, credit-by-exam, and articulation.

Operational Chart for DualConcurrent Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Booklet

Broadening the Benefits of Dual Enrollment, A Study

Goals & Roles for East Bay CPT

Our Strategic Planning Committee developed six SMART goals and identified the roles various consortium members play in meeting them. You can see our work-in-progress here: EBCP Goals and Roles for 2015-18.

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