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Our Programs

Our Programs

Program Goals

The goals of the program are to offer a high quality environment that permit the children to discover and learn, to become decision makers and problem solvers, and to feel good about themselves.  The children will develop themselves in the areas of cognitive (thinking), language arts (talking), literacy (reading), social/emotional (relationships) and physical development (moving and doing).  Other program goals are:  to develop a positive self-image and healthy concept. to maintain individual creativity while learning to work cooperatively with others. to encourage social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth through daily interaction with adults and children other than family members. And to meet the adult needs of the parents whenever possible.


The Creative Curriculum is designed to be a blueprint for our teachers to plan and implement a developmentally appropriate program for your children while introducing them to topics that are interesting to them.

Nutrition Program

 The Peralta Community College District Children’s Centers participate in the California Adult and Child Food Program (CACFP) at no additional cost to you.  Your child will be provided with nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks, which are prepared by our on-site cook.  The institution is an equal opportunity provider, which does not discriminate against race, color, gender, age, or capabilities.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Individual conferences are scheduled twice annually.  Parents may request a conference at any time.  These conferences are a requirement of California Department of Education-Child Development Division.  The first conference will be within 60 days of your child beginning the program, and the second is six (6) months later.  In these conferences, you will meet with your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s strengths and goals.

Parent Participation

Parents are encouraged to participate in activities, chaperone field trips, and help with special events and committees. Children enjoy having a parent work in the classroom with whom they can share their experiences.  It gives you an opportunity to see your child interact with his/her peers and learn who his/her friends are.

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