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Tips for FDIP Applicants

10 February 2015

So, you’ve submitted your application to HR and emailed the coordinator. At minimum, you’re application looks good, but now what?

One of the most common questions that applicants have is “How do I get placed?” Unfortunately, there is no one sure method for getting placed, but here are a few tips to understand how this program works.

In order for you to be placed, applicants should know that a few things need to happen:

  1. A class must be available to teach or funding for librarian and counseling positions must be in place.
  2. A full-time faculty mentor must be willing to commit to the intern for the term.
  3. An applicants transcripts and/or documentation of experience must match the discipline in which they hope to work. The best way to understand the policies that govern this is by looking through this hand book: Minimum Qualifications for Community Colleges.

If one of these things is not in place, then the internship cannot happen.

Because the mentor/intern relationship is an important one, FDIP encourages applicants to try to network with faculty by conducting informational interviews, observing classes, sharing your CVs and syllabi, and visiting campuses. If an applicant has attempted all of these things, and still has difficulty gaining a foothold, they should contact the coordinator for additional assistance.



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