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Frequently Asked Questions from Prospective Applicants

1. How do I apply for the Faculty Diversity Internship Program? FAQ image

  • You can visit the Human Resources site at: (when it’s available) or from now until March 13, 2020, click on the following  to fill out the online application for the Faculty Diversity Internship Program: application
  • Once you submit an application, please forward the confirmation email to the Faculty Diversity Internship Program Coordinator at
  • For disability accommodations, please contact the coordinator.
  • Note: application to the program DOES NOT GUARANTEE placement. Placement is predicated on the availability of classes or funding, the interest and support of a mentor, and other factors depending on each college and department.

 2. What is the process for acceptance into the Faculty Diversity Internship Program?

  • Once an application is submitted, please forward the confirmation email to the coordinator, so s/he can request that HR review your application. Then, the FDIP Coordinator will work with a selection committee to review the application and required documents. If the applicant did not submit all required documents, the application will not be forwarded.
  • Required documents for the Faculty Diversity Internship Program Application:
    • Resume
    • Cover Letter — Please include under what discipline you are applying.Kitty and Jennifer
    • Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts
    • Two Short Answer Questions:
      • The goal of the Faculty Diversity Internship Program is to help our faculty body better reflect our student population. How do your life experiences or background help us achieve this goal?
      • What do you most hope to gain by participating in this program?
  • After your application to HR is complete, please forward your confirmation email, so the coordinator can ensure that HR reviews your application.

3. Is there a deadline for the Faculty Diversity Internship Program application each semester?

  • Each year, applications will only be accepted for a limited period during the spring term. Please see the FDIP Website for information.

 4. What is the difference between an Applicant, Participant, and Intern?

Stage Focus
Applicant  Needs to complete all parts of the application and understand what classes they can teach in PCCD. Must file for equivalency (if necessary).
Participant (no mentor) Builds a professional network through informational interviews, class observations, meetings with department chairs across all campuses. Attends FDIP Trainings.
Participant (informal mentorship) Creates portfolio with support from their informal network. Attends FDIP Trainings
Faculty Intern (paid)

(Formal Mentorship)

Completes formal hiring process, apprentices with a mentor, receives regular feedback and assessment.

 5. How many semesters can someone work as an Intern?

An Intern can work up to four (4) semesters.

 6. Are Interns  required to attend the workshops?

Yes. The program will select a cohort of interns based on their qualifications and the needs of the district in the spring, and the following fall, they will be required to participate in training to develop a portfolio of materials that will prepare them to become intern faculty members. Following the fall term training, interns will be placed into paid internships (as available) and supported by mentor faculty. In the past, we’ve had five 3-hour workshops in the fall and 3 in the spring.

 7. Is the Faculty Diversity Internships placement a paid position?

Interns in the Faculty Diversity Internship Program are paid an hourly rate when they are given a faculty assignment (instructional, librarian, or counseling).

 8. Once I am accepted into the Faculty Diversity Internship Program, am I guarantee an internship placement?

Acceptance into the Faculty Diversity Internship Program does not guarantee an internship. Placements are based on the needs of the disciplines at the colleges within the Peralta Community College District AND a demonstration of the participant’s readiness.

Participants who work to build a portfolio of materials that demonstrate their experiences and abilities are more likely find a placement.

Unfortunately, while the program intends to place all participants, final placements are determined by a variety of factors outside the program’s control, including: availability of classes in your discipline, enrollment, and finding mentors willing to mentors.

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