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How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for the program:photo 2

The application for the Fall 2020- Spring 2021 Cohort is available now through March 13, 2020, here

For more information, please join our mailing list here,

and visit our website here, and watch for future announcements.

FDIP is hosting a series of informational sessions about the program and the application process.

Make plans to join us and learn more about FDIP!

Informational sessions will last approximately one hour, and take place at the International Conference Room, located at the Peralta Community College District, 333 East 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94606. Please consult this map

Thursday, January 30

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Wednesday, February 12

5:30 – 6:30 PM

Tuesday, March 3

5:00 – 6:00 PM

RSVP for workshops here

In addition to the above workshops, there will be an online informational webinar, date/time to be determined.

Documents to prepare in the meantime:

  • Cover Letter: It MUST state the discipline(s) in which you are eligible to serve as a faculty member and WHY you want to work in that discipline. Many applications do not get forwarded to the selection committee for not including this basic information.
    • Step 1: Check the Peralta Community College District Class Schedule to see the courses we offer.
    • Step 2: Check the California Community College Minimum Qualifications handbook to see what you’re able to teach based on your degree or industry experience (for Career/Technical Education disciplines).
      • Note: You can participate in the program even if you’ve only earned HALF of your credits to your graduate degree. If you will not have earned all of the credits by the time of the application, but intend on completing them by the beginning of the program (Fall term), then please include a letter from your dean to demonstrate your intention of completing those units.
      • Many applications do not reach the selection committee because the discipline is not included in the cover letter OR the candidate has not identified a discipline that matches their education.
  • Resumé or CV:
    • Community colleges are focused on teaching and service to the college and not research or publications. Your resumé or CV should reflect this emphasis. Please include any teaching or service work that demonstrates your ability to work with diverse populations of students
  • Essay Questions (300 – 600 words each): 

– The goal of the Faculty Diversity Internship Program is to have our faculty body better reflect our student population. How do your life experiences or background help the Peralta Community College District achieve this goal?

– What would you most like to learn or experience in order to prepare yourself to become a successful community college faculty member?

  • Unofficial Transcripts:
    • These should have the name of the degree-granting institution and the title of the degree you have our will soon earn.
  • References:
    • Please choose references who you have worked with in the last five years. Friends and family members who do not know you in an academic or professional capacity are not appropriate. Note: We will not contact references until after the interview process.

Note: If any of the above items are missing from your application, your application will not be reviewed by the selection committee.

  • Other Documents: In the past, applicants have included other items, like syllabi, philosophies of teaching and learning, diversity statements, and other appendices. However, these materials are unnecessary for a successful application.

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