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Student Education Plan (SEP)

What is a Student Education Plan (SEP)?

  • An SEP outlines the specific courses a student should enroll in each semester in order to meet their educational goal. Your goal may to complete an AA/AS program or transfer (AA-T or AS-T) to a university (or both). An SEP details exactly what you need to do.

What are some benefits to doing an SEP?

  • SEP’s provide students with specific requirements for their major/transfer work and gives them an exact time-frame for graduation.
  • When applying for a visa renewal it shows the US Embassy that you have a plan and know the exact courses that are remaining.
  • SEP’s are helpful to have a Program Extension when your I-20 is going to expire.

Why is doing an SEP important?

  • Certain requirements for universities vary by major and school. Counselors will ensure you take the classes that are needed to transfer and help avoid spending extra time and money.  Also, counselors will map your plan so you can finish your program in a reasonable amount of time.

What are students most surprised about after completing an SEP?

  • Students are surprised to learn how many classes are required and how many units they should take each semester to graduate in 2 years.

After completing an SEP, then what?

  • You would follow your plan each semester and choose the classes mapped out. If you change your mind about school/major, then you can meet with a counselor and update it.

Where can I do an SEP?

  • You can meet with a counselor on campus or with an International Student Counselor at the Oakland Office. If you are looking to make an appointment with our International Student Academic Counselor, please visit our Student Education Plan (SEP) Office Hours and call us at (510) 466-7380 to make an appointment.