Congratulations Nha Le!

It was bittersweet to learn that Nha Le would retire after twenty years serving Peralta students. I met Nha when she came to our office in early 2010 as a Staff Assistant and I was fortunate enough to work with her until she decided to start a new chapter in her life. Nha Le worked tirelessly to improve our students experiences and ensure they felt welcomed through her present and thoughtful advising. Her hard work and efforts were rewarded when she became an International Student Support Specialist and admitted thousands of students to our colleges. I know I will miss her warmth, calming presence, and bright smile.

 To celebrate Nha’s retirement, our staff has provided messages about what Nha meant to them:

Karla David:

“Nha was my admissions partner at the OIE and was always like a sister to me. (PLEASE COME BACK NHA!! hahhah)”

Matthew Jones:   

“Nha Le was a selfless coworker and friend who placed the needs, beliefs, and values of others above her own. She personally challenged me to love and serve others the way they would want and I am a better person for knowing her. Nha Le will be dearly missed.”

Annie Liu:

“Nha has inspired a countless number of students during her time at Peralta and built many lifelong familial relationships with her students and colleagues. Her reputation knows no boundaries – I’ve seen new international students, who came in for their student orientations, that had already knew about Nha from either former students or family friends back home. I’ve also seen former students stop by her office with their success stories, spouses and children to thank Nha for being there for them at the beginning of their journeys when they needed her the most. “I could not have done this without you” was a common phrase we heard at the office. I hope that I can carry on Nha’s spirit in our office to continue to serve future Peralta international students with the same level of dedication, love, and commitment that she had shown our students in the past.”

Todd Shima:

“Nha is a great mentor to me. Nha’s strength and resiliency of life and love is unparalleled to almost anyone I’ve come into contact with throughout my life. Nha has a heart of gold and even picks out the best noodle spots in Oakland. Nha is always someone I can talk to and it is without saying, she will be missed in our office.” 

Michael Goldberg:

“I appreciated your warm welcome and patience when I started in my position.  And then you elevated me to the good position of “neighbor”.   Your dedication to students was clear.  You will be greatly missed, especially when there is a return to the office. Stay well.  Michael”

Drew Gephart:

Nha is a very kind person who served our students wholeheartedly. Her impact on students’ lives was powerful and she will be greatly missed in the office. However, always welcome back to enjoy some time with her Peralta Family!!!”

Congrats Nha Le!!

~Thomas Torres-Gil, Director of International Education