We would like to invite you to participate in our CONNECT Mentorship Program, which is an opportunity for you to CONNECT with another international student.


If you are interested, please click here to fill out an application:


Why be a MENTOR? (Current Students)

  1. CONNECT with a new international student
  2. Strengthen the international community at Peralta Community College District
  3. Share your experiences
  4. Become a valuable resource
  5. Develop leadership skills
  6. Feel rewarded
  7. Support a new student
  8. Make a difference
  9. Expand your network
  10. Share your expertise

Why Have a Mentor? (New Students)

  1. Receive assistance with transition to life in the US
  2. Expand your network
  3. Learn the do’s and don’ts of US Culture
  4. Seamlessly transition to a new academic environment
  5. Discover resources on campus
  6. Learn where to shop & eat in the Bay Area
  7. Get your simple but important questions answered
  8. Receive personal support
  9. Have a “go-to” person on campus
  10. Learn the about the AC Transit/BART systems in Bay Area

The expectations for Mentors and Mentees can be found here:


Here are some reminders for how you may CONNECT with US!


  1. Download our Peralta International Students Mobile App on Apple Store or Google Play

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