On April 13, 2018, I had the privilege to take 5 of our international students to the Google Campus in Mountain View for a special tour, hosted by Google specialists. The tour involved meet and greets, behind the scenes visits, and a free lunch at the Googleplex Center. It was an amazing time! The students were from 5 different countries and majors which are relevant to the field:

Paula Torres (Colombia) – Business Administration

Ak-Maral Sabyr (Kyrgyzstan) – Mathematics

Beomjin Kim (South Korea) – Media and Communications Studies

Athisri Prayoonthong (Thailand) – Computer Information Systems

Nhung Nguyen – (Vietnam) – Marketing and Sales


More pictures can be found on our Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/PeraltaInternational/

The email below was recieved by Nhung about her appreciation for the trip:

Dear Drew,

I am writing this email to thank you for an amazing field trip to The Google campus. It was my first field trip since I came to America. Even though I did not take many pictures, I still enjoyed it.

I really appreciate your taking so much time to select all application and then driving us to San Jose, taking care of us during the trip. You were so friendly and caring like a big brother.

Thank you so much for giving me a chance to make many good friends from other countries. We are good friends after the trip.

And I also felt so thankful to meet Larry and want to say thanks to him for giving us an opportunity to The Google campus as special guesses with special treatments. His stories inspired us to learn and train harder to work for Google in the future. By the way, I love the foods and the Google campus so much.

I think not only me but also 4 other students would never forget this trip.

Finally, I hope to take part in more activities held by Office of International Education.

I look forward to having more experience…in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Nhung Nguyen