Alexandria Carabajal (Berkeley City College) – Peralta Colleges Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship

I plan to use this scholarship to study abroad to a Spanish speaking country and improve my language skills. She is planning to study abroad in Havana, Cuba next Summer 2019.




Violeta DeLeon – CCIE Asia Scholarship (Merritt College Study Abroad to Japan)

Japan is the third large-economy in the World. I would like to understand the customer psychology and living style of people in the big cities of Tokyo and Yokohama. I will compare the retailing system between USA and Japan by visiting retailing model stores such as Ramen restaurants, Brand name outlet, fashion boutique, etc.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to express my interest to travel to Japan and believe I can contribute from day one with my international experience, bilingual abilities, multiculturalism to share for the next generation and to support my family




Devyn Morris – IIE Travel Grant (Merritt College Study Abroad to Japan)

Without receiving the $2000 scholarship from the International Institute for Education, there is no way I would’ve been granted the opportunity to take part in the study abroad program to Japan focussing on retail business practices. Japan, not only beautiful in landscape, offers rich culture, both in business practice and history. IIE’s funding is enabling a Communication Studies major with financial need such as myself to gain exposure and an experience that I can utilize in contributing to the community around me. The application process was straightforward and the grant advisor who assisted me was extremely responsive. I encourage any student interested in studying abroad to look into this scholarship, offered twice per year.”