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What’s In This Newsletter:

  • Transfer Workshop & Transfer Day: September 29 & October 6
  • SF State International Advisor Visit: October 2nd
  • International Student Success
  • Important Reminders
  • International Education Week: November 17-21
  • International Student Clubs
  • Upcoming Workshops
  • Study Abroad Fair: October 1
  • BCC International Advisor Hours
  • Scholarship and Grant Opportunities
  • COA’s Online Winter Intersession Courses
  • Staff & Contact Information
  • Links to International App and Facebook Page

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Transfer Workshop & Fair: September 29th & October 6

International Student Transfer Workshop – Monday, September 29, 2014

Where: Berkeley City College

When: Room 216 from 12:15pm – 1pm
(College Hour)

This workshop is for students who are new to the transfer process or starting their application. Paula Coil from BCC’s Transfer Center will join and provide great information about the application.

The workshop will go over TAG and highlight some of your resources such as workshops and the upcoming transfer fair.

Please join, no RSVP required.

In addition, the Transfer Center has coordinated a Berkeley City College Transfer Day Monday, October 6, 2014.

You can find this link on their blog as well.

Preparing to Transfer? Here are some helpful links for the Personal Statement for UC, TAG and TAP as well as CSU


UC Application Personal Statement

UC: Transfer Admissions Planner and
Transfer Admissions Guarantee

CSU: CSU Mentor

San Francisco State Int’l Advisor at PCCD

For the 3rd year, SF State will have an international advisor meet with international students regarding the admissions process, majors or any other questions.

Email Thomas Torres-Gil at to setup an appointment
(20 minute slots).

Appointments made on first come—first serve basis.

When: Thursday October 2nd

Where: International Office (Oak)

Time: 10am—3pm

International Student Success: Transferring Out!

Following our spring and summer semesters, 86 international students transferred to universities across the United States.

This includes 4 students who transferred to a Master’s/PhD level.

Of these students, 36 transferred to the University of California System

(UC Berkeley – 18; UC Davis – 7; UC San Diego – 6; UCLA – 4, UCI – 1; and UCSB – 1) and another 22
to the CSU’s 9.

Students transferred to other universities within California such as SF State and Cal Poly Pomona as well as out of state to prestigious schools from Purdue University to Idaho State University and Columbia (NY) to Harvard!

Mirko Ranieri, one of 12 transfer students admitted to Harvard, also received Berkeley City College’s President’s Award in the spring 2014 semester.

You may also see his speech on YouTube at this link:

Title: P-SPAN #378: Berkeley City College Graduation 2014

Important Reminders

Final Semester:

Is this your last semester? If yes, then you may apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) as long as you are getting a degree. Email Shirley Wilson at

Leaving the U.S.?

Make sure you get your I-20 signed before you leave the country during the winter break. Bring your passport and I-20 with you to the office. We close 12/23/14.

Program Extension?

Need more time? Come and meet with Thomas Torres-Gil after you register for your spring classes and before winter break. Get a SEP as well if you don’t have one.

International Education Week: Nov. 17-21

Beginning Monday November 17th, the International Office will conduct a series of presentations and college hour events. With the days and times to be confirmed, there will be an international student panel, a study abroad panel, peace corp panel and an intercultural communication workshop.

In addition, each day we will host at a different college and culminate on Friday with a fun event!

More information will be sent out once we confirm the details but we look forward to having your participation and presence.

International Student Clubs at Every Campus!

Every campus has an International Student Club and these past weeks you may have noticed Club Rush on the campuses.

To join, please contact the Club Rep at your home campus.

College of Alameda: Vy Cao, President; Advisor Drew Gephart

Berkeley City College: Tulgaa Batbaatar, Advisor Thomas Torres-Gil

Laney College: Karen Chen, Advisor Matthew Jones

Merritt College: Titlis Wan, Advisor Angela Khoo

Upcoming Workshops (Employment, Taxes, F-1 Status)!

The Office of International Education will be conducting new workshops this and next semester.

While the dates are not yet determined, please check your email or talk to the International Student
Club Presidents about workshops for international students.

After the Transfer Workshop (page 1), there will be an Employment Workshop from 5-6pm. The location will be determined.

Please email any ideas suggestions to:
Thomas Torres-Gil at

Spring semester workshops will include Taxes and Departure/Transfer Out Process

Study Abroad Fair

Drew Ross and Drew Gephart are organizing a Study Abroad Fair at Laney College on Wednesday October 1st.

This is open to all students who are interested in studying abroad (you can study abroad while you are studying abroad =).

What to Expect:

Learn about Peralta’s Study Abroad Programs; Discover opportunities to study abroad through other organizations; Speak with students who have attended study abroad program; special performances.

When/Where: Wednesday October 1st from 11am to 4pm Laney College Quad

Email Drew Gephart at:

International Advisor Hours at BCC

In an effort to be more accessible and improve our support to students the International Office will have an advisor at Berkeley City College on Mondays and Thursdays during the fall 2014 semester.

You can meet to do Program Extensions, sign an I-20 for travel, ask questions about employment or your classes or stop by to say hi. =)

Appointments are encouraged but not necessary:

Hours on Monday & Thursday Only:
8:30am – 12pm and 2pm – 6pm
Room: 511 (5th floor)
Phone: 510-981-5040
Closed on: October 16th, 20th and November 27th

Scholarships & Grants being offered for the Fall Semester of 2014 are:

Application Deadline: October 13, 2014

To apply go to and click on
“ Apply Now”.

Winter Intersession Classes at COA!!

Looking for a class during the WINTER break to transfer? College of Alameda is offering Winter Intersession classes that begin December 15 until January 9th.

These classes are online classes and only three weeks long.

Some of the courses offered are:

  • ECON 1 & 2
  • ANTHR 1 & 3
  • HIST 7A & 7B
  • PHIL 1
  • POSCI 1
  • PSYCH 1A
  • SOC1

Meet with a counselor on campus or at the international office to see which classes fit your academic

Click on this link to find out more details:

COA Fall 2014 Winter Intersession Course Listing

Online courses can be found on Moodle at:

Office of International Education Staff

Office of International Education Team Members:
Sean Brooke, Director
Thomas Torres-Gil, International Program Manager
Drew Gephart, Executive Assistant
Ronald McPeak, International Admissions Specialist
Matthew Jones, International Specialist
Shirley Wilson, Sr. Secretary
Nha Le, Staff Assistant
Todd Shima, Counselor

Please email Thomas Torres-Gil at if you have any questions about the content or information in this newsletter