Due to the Camp Fire, the entire Bay Area suffered from unhealthy air quality right.  If you have been affected with respiratory problems, we want to help.

First, always visit an in-network provider for the lowest cost for any services.  We understand it may be a challenge to see an in-network provider at this difficult time.

For a limited time only, this insurance will pay in-network costs for covered students and dependents (if applicable) visiting out-of-network providers for respiratory problems due to the fires.  This option is currently available until December 7, 2018, and may be adjusted at a later date.

You may need to re-submit a claim to receive the extra insurance payment.  Please allow 30 days to re-process your claim.

For assistance in finding a provider, or if you need help with re-submitting a claim, please contact GeoBlue at (844) 268-2686.