On October 11, 2019, 7 international students had the opportunity to visit the brand new Google cloud campus located in Sunnyvale, California. We got an inside look to the offices and met with numerous Google staff members for Q&A to talk about their sustainability practices, transportation services, and what it would take to be hired at Google. The students also received a special tour of the facilities, hosted by Larry Green who is in the Transportation, Health and Real Estate division of Google, and had the opportunity to eat lunch at an all you can eat buffet which is offered to Google employees each day. Students also received an inside look to Google’s work environment and special technology used for meetings and work productivity.


2 weeks later on October 25th, 6 international students were selected to visit the Amazon Web Services (AWS) office in Palo Alto. At Amazon, students received a special presentation from their Global Business Development Manager, Rich Hua, on the culture of innovation at Amazon. The presentation focused on Amazon’s key principles and practices and how they have become one of the largest companies in the world. Students learned about Amazon’s hiring practices and what it would take to get a job at Amazon as well. This was the third visit to Google and first visit to Amazon. These tours were organized by Drew Gephart, Peralta’s International Services Manager, who has also provided a special group tour to Facebook in the past as well.