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Monday, November 16th
International Education Week started with a Study Abroad Panel of former students and faculty sharing their experiences who went abroad. Devyn shared about her experinece in Japan, and a recent trip to Peru, Cole shared about his China study abroad experience, and faculty members Andrea Lee (Dance in Ghana), Petra Maria (Cosmetology in London) and Simon Chan (Business in China and Japan) shared about the value of their programs.To view the recording, or to share with others, please click here.Also, to view the latest Open Doors report through the Institute of International Education, please click here, and be sure to select Associate’s Colleges as the Institution Type. And here is the link to the study abroad playlist on YouTube!For more information on Peralta’s Study Abroad Programs, please visit

Tuesday, November 17th
Started in 1961 by President John Kennedy, the US Peace Corps has sent more than 240,000 Americans to volunteer in 142 countries.  Prior to the COVID-19 evacuations of all volunteers in March 2020, more than 7,000 were serving in 61 countries. The US Peace Corps panel was led by Kerry Carmichael, Peace Corps regional recruiter and a returned peace corps volunteer (RPCV) who served in Ecuador.  Three RPCVs--BCC political science instructor Charlotte Lee, BCC graduate Sara Vargas, and David Nash-Mendez shared their experiences in Romania, Panama, and Macedonia.  All described their work assignments, living arrangements, and adaptation to their new cultures.  Learn more about Peace Corps here or contact Kerry Carmichael COA political science professor Robert Brem in a lecture titled An Overview: world systems & alternative futures analysis as an approach to understanding the 21st century modern world system provided a different way of looking at comparative governments.  Noting that governments can change over time, he provided numerous examples of how people have structured communities and systems since the Garden of Eden.  Drawing from the disciplines of political science, psychology, philosophy, and history Robert weaved together a narrative of peoples in the past from hunter gather to farmer to urban dweller.  Having laid the framework of where humans have been, Robert will lead us into the future of possibilities in Part 2. 
Wednesday, November 18th
Wednesday we held a virtual film screening of the PBS Documentary, SOFTIE, which follows political activist Boniface “Softie” Mwangi, a daring and audacious political activist who decides to run for political office in Kenya after several years of fighting injustice in his country. But running a clean campaign against corrupt opponents with idealism as his only weapon proves challenging. – Watch Trailer Here: Following the film we had a discussion
 I especially appreciated hearing Harizon’s perspective as a Kenyan int’l grad student and staff member. He’s a great storyteller and should definitely take on more speaking engagements.
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Friday, November 20th
CET Academic Programs presented on their virtual and study abroad programs for faculty interested in developing these experiences to their courses. Please watch the Recording HereAnd Lastly, an international Student Panel was held where 2 former PCCD international students shared their experiences at PCCD and what helped them prepare to transfer on to a 4-year University. Watch Recording Here

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It has been almost ten years since Mang-Ling Cho first came to the Peralta Colleges. She arrived as a student whose goals included, like many of our international students, transferring to the University of California system to earn a Bachelor’s degree. During most of these last ten years our office has had the pleasure of getting to know her as she worked first as a peer advisor and eventually as a full-time staff in our international office.

Many of you may not know that as a student, she founded the International Student Association (ISA) in 2012/2013 at Berkeley City College and she continued to play an active role in it over the years as a staff. Mang-Ling was also one of our first peer advisors to work at the BCC international office when it opened part-time in 2013. Over the years she was instrumental in building and opening GPS – the system where our international students apply – and OpenCCC International. Mang-Ling has contributed in so many ways to improve our international student experiences and we wouldn’t be where we are without her.

Our team congratulated and thanked Mang-Ling during a goodbye Zoom call for all she has done over this past decade as she accepted a full-time position at Foothill College. We will miss her and know she will continue to make a positive impact in all she does.

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During these unprecedented times, support and services for international students have become more essential than ever. Through the Emergency Student Fund (ESF), IIE is able to respond to urgent crises in an immediate and effective manner by providing financial support to students when emergencies in their home countries, or globally such as COVID-19, threaten to jeopardize the completion of their studies. To support international students, which in turn also supports the local economy and our campuses, the Office of International Education (OIE) nominated international students who were not able to return to their home countries over the summer break due to the COVID-19 pandemic and who demonstrated a high financial need to cover their living expenses.
The Institute of International Education granted 18 of our international students with an Emergency Student Fund totaling $44,500! Eight students were awarded $1,500 during Fall 2020, 9 students were awarded $2,500 in Spring 2020, and most recently 1 student WAS AWARDED $10,000!!!
The Office of International Education also provided book cards to students totaling $2,700.
The OIE and IIE received an overwhelming response to their call of nominations for the ESF: COVID-19 Response. IIE Network members nominated approximately 1,400 students for the 309 ESF awards available at this time and had to make some highly difficult decisions. IIE ESF grantees were selected based on their demonstrated financial need and they regret that they could not provide support to a greater number of nominees, including our other students who applied. We remain sympathetic to the challenges students are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and, should additional funding become available, we will inform our students immediately.

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International Education Week (IEW), November 16-20, 2020, is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. This joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education is part of our efforts to promote programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences.The Office of International Education invites you to celebrate International Education Week November 16-19. With lectures, panels, films, and even a talent show, there is something that is sure to virtually transport you to another part of the world.We kick off the week on Monday November 16 with a STUDY ABROAD PANEL (12:00pm) featuring faculty and students who have previously participated in these programs. Come learn from their experiences and how and where you can study abroad with Peralta in the future. Think of teaching or studying Business in Japan, English in Belize, Dance in Ghana, Economics in France and Germany, and more!Tuesday November 17 offers two events including an EXPLORATION OF FUTURE ALTERNATIVE POLITICAL SCIENCE SCENARIOS (9:30am) with COA Political Science professor Robert Brem, and a PEACE CORPS PANEL (12:00pm) to learn about volunteer opportunities around the world.Join us on Wednesday, November 18 for INTERNATIONAL FILM SCREENING: SOFTIE(3:00pm).  We will be watching Softie, a 2020 film documenting political activism in Kenya, followed by a discussion on themes of activism, politics, and more.Our week ends on Thursday, November 19 with INTERNATIONALS GOT TALENT (1:00pm), our first ever international student talent competition! With an esteemed panel of judges and amazing prizes you will be in for an afternoon of laughs and fun.International students contribute so much to our colleges and local communities. At the Peralta Community College District we enroll more than 700 students from 60+ counties in a broad array of academic programs from Culinary and Computer Information Systems to Business and Architecture and much more. Come support our international programs in celebration of International Education Week. See you there!

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