Peralta Colleges

Office of International Education

Peer Advisors

Would you like to connect with a student to learn more about their experience at Peralta Colleges or do you need help with your international student application in your native language? Contact us at to schedule a Zoom meeting with a Peer Advisor. 

Meet Our Peer Advisors

College: Berkeley City college
Major: Sociology
Country: Spain
Languages Spoken Other than English: Spanish, Basque, and French

College: Berkley City College
Major: Computer Information System
Country: Brazil
Languages Spoken Other than English: Portuguese

College: Berkeley City College
Major: Child Development
Country: China
Languages Spoken Other than English: Chinese

Chae Won
College: Berkeley City College
Major: Art History
Country: South Korea
Languages Spoken Other than English: Korean

Are you interested in becoming a Peer Advisor for the Office of International Education? If you have been a full-time Peralta student for at least one semester, please send your resume to us at