Peralta Colleges

Office of International Education


Country: Canada
College: Berkeley City College
Major: Multimedia Art, Animation
Path After Peralta Colleges: Academy of Art University, M.A. in Graphic Design

Through attending Peralta Colleges, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people from all over the world, including people who I now call my close friends. Also, the teachers in my department (Animation) were incredibly helpful and encouraging throughout my education, as well as the Office of International Education! 


I completed Animation I and II Certificates to get to Graphic Designer. With the support of my teachers and the Office of International Education, I am now in Graduate school at AAU completing an MA in Graphic Design. 

My two years at Peralta was valuable because it helped me confirm my career path as Graphic Designer and gave me the resources and confidence I needed to pursue that goal through support from my teachers, OIE, and friends at the College.