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Information Technology Home

Welcome to the Peralta Community College Information Technology Web site.

In an effort to improve customer service we have created this website. Here you will find a variety of information on how to use the technology that is available to you.

If you don’t find the information that you need on this website, please email us and let us know!

How to contact Technical support:

For fastest service, submit your request using our online system. Submitting a ticket is fast and easy, and helps us serve you faster!

You can also contact us by email or phone.

Email :

Phone : 510-587-7800

PLEASE: when leaving a message or emailing us, include your full name and telephone number.

PeopleSoft Upgrade

After consulting with stakeholders and surveying the district employees and faculty, we are in the midst of a major upgrade to our IT systems. For more info see

Milestone Dates Notes
Provisioning – (All 3 Pillars) Jun 16 to Aug 24 Completed
Trial Run – 1st Iteration Aug 10 – Aug 31 Completed
CEMLI Retrofit Sep 03 – Dec 04 In-Progress
Peralta to Code Freeze Oct 30 Scheduled
Integration/Interfaces Oct 12 – Dec 04 In-Progress
PeopleSoft Application Testing Dec 07 Dec 23 &Jan 4 – Feb 10 Peralta functional and integrations testing
Phase 1 CEMLI retrofit Training Nov 30 – Dec 04 Make Peralta functional People available
Trial Run – 2nd Iteration Dec 28 – Jan 03 Peralta IT team to provide Data from customer system to start a trial run
DR Instance build and sync Jan 03 to Jan 20
Cut Over Plan & Go-Live Feb 11  – Feb 15 Peralta team to provide data from the current system for go-live cutover plan

All systems will be down from Feb 11 @ 5 pm, and the systems will be back online @ 9 am on Feb 15, 2021