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PeopleSoft Phase I Task (Completed)

Peralta Technology Modernization: PeopleSoft Upgrade Phase1 Tasks

Task 1-Migration:

This task began by conducting trial runs of moving PeopleSoft application data to Oracle. This was an evaluation of the migration process that would eventually take place for Finance, Human Capital Management and Campus Solutions pillars. Testing was completed to thoroughly evaluate the move to the new system. No issues were identified, and this step was marked as completed.

Finance Pillar, Human Capital Management & Campus Solutions Pillar

1st Testing – Complete 100%- All issues identified were resolved.

2nd Testing – Complete 100% – All issues identified were resolved

Task 2-Customization and Retrofit Identification for Move to Oracle PeopleSoft 9.2

This second task was focused on identifying any specific modifications or retrofits that would be needed once the District systems were moved to the new PeopleSoft upgraded system. These were meticulously examined and addressed one by one to ensure all systems would migrate correctly without any issues. The retrofits that were identified were shared with the Oracle team, and then these were addressed and included in the final upgrade. We were successful in addressing all needed customizations for Peralta business processes.

Code Freeze – Shared list of needed modifications for the project for each Pillar- Oct. 30, 2021 – Complete

Finance Pillar- 100% Complete

Human Capital Management Pillar– 100% Complete

Campus Solutions Pillar – 100% Complete

Task 3- Peralta Testing of Customizations and Retrofits

Task 3 was centered on testing the identified customizations and retrofits. These tests were done to ensure the new environment was ready for an upgrade to a new system when the final Go-Live took place. This task was completed without any issues, and the system was approved for migration to the Oracle PeopleSoft 9.2 system. All the information and testing results were then

shared with Oracle to prepare for the move. Each unit manager signed off on the user acceptance testing and IT signed off on system integration testing.

Peralta System Integration Testing – Dec. 7-23, 2020 – 100%-Complete

Peralta User Acceptance Testing – Jan. 4- Feb. 9, 2021

Finance Pillar- Oracle Retrofit Unit Testing -100% Complete.

Human Capital Management Pillar-Oracle Retrofit Unit Testing -100% Complete.

Campus Solutions Pillar-Oracle Retrofit Unit Testing -100% Complete.

Campus Solutions & Human Capital Management Pillar– Oracle Regression Testing -100% Complete.

The following are the specific tasks in Section 2:

Task 1- PeopleSoft Exchange of Data and Integration

We exchanged our PeopleSoft data with Oracle so our systems would transfer with the new upgrade. Files were prepared for integration as well as each of the existing modules. Then Oracle completed testing of the systems.

File based Integration – 100% Complete.

Module integration – 100% Complete

Development – Oct. 12 to Dec. 4, 2020- 100% Complete

Oracle Testing – Nov. 2 to Dec. 4, 2020- 100% Complete

Task 2- Information on Customization and Retrofits

During task 2 Oracle provided training to functional analysts representing Finance, Human Capital Management, and Campus Solutions. All of the needed retrofits were also completed.

Oracle provided all information and Training

Retrofits Human Capital Management Pillar- Nov. 30- Dec. 4, 2020-Complete

Retrofits Campus Solutions Pillar -Nov. 30- Dec. 4, 2020-Complete

Retrofits for Finance Pillar -Nov. 30- Dec. 4, 2020-Complete

Task 3- Cut Over and PeopleSoft 9.2 Hand Over to Peralta

Task 3 required each department to compete testing of their systems before the handover to Oracle. Each department signed off that this step was completed. Peralta systems were temporarily shut down from Feb. 10-15, 2021 while all data was transferred to Oracle for completion of the upgrade. We then completed a partial test of the new system before all of the upgraded systems were returned to Peralta. Go-Live was successful Feb. 16, 2021.

UAT Sign Off – Feb. 5, 2021 – received for Finance, Human Capital Management, and Campus Solutions

Cut Over start – Feb. 10 @ 21:00 PM

Cut Over Ends – Feb. 15@ 11:00 AM

Smoke Testing- this is partial test- Feb. 15@ 11:00 AM

Go-Live = Finance Pillar, HCM Pillar, and CS Pillar- Completed Feb. 16, 2021

Task 4-Disaster Recovery Site Building

During task 4 Oracle completed the setup for a new disaster recovery site to ensure business continuity in case a major disaster to the system occurred. This disaster site is a mirror reproduction of our current site, and we will be testing at the site annually to ensure efficiency and accuracy

Core Build for Disaster Recovery Site – 100% Complete

Infrastructure Build – Finance Pillar, Human Capital Management Pillar, Campus Solutions Pillar – 100% Complete

Sync – 100%Complete

Virtual Private Network Build -100% Complete

Task 5- Post Go-Live Support and Closure of Phase 1

This task involved making sure that all systems were stable after the Go-Live was launched. Any issues that arose were solved with the contracted support of Oracle. There were no critical issues post Go-Live. To ensure success of a District our size, we further extended the stabilization period to make sure all systems were functioning properly. On March 19, 2021 Phase 1 will be moved to closure, and all systems will be operated and maintained in a support status

Contracted Stabilization – Feb. 15 – Mar. 12, 2021 – Complete 100%

Stabilization period was extended till Mar. 19, 2021 to ensure continued success.

Closure of Phase 1

Pillars Finance Human Resources Campus Solutions
Percentage of Completion 100% 100% 100%

Benefits of Oracle’s PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgraded System:

 ✔ All three pillars, Finance, Human Capital Management, and Campus Solutions are strengthened and updated with enhanced features and functionality of PeopleSoft 9.2.

 ✔ Increased mobile device access for students and staff.

✔ Infrastructure security is shifted to Oracle’s advanced cloud security.

 ✔ Protection and liability are now guaranteed through Oracle.

✔ A designated disaster recovery site was created to replicate and store systems at a separate geolocation in case of a technology malfunction or a serious natural or manmade disaster with a recovery time objective (RTO) of one hour.

✔ Systems designed to meet the FTMAC, CBT, and ACCJC Standard IIIC recommendations.

Milestone Dates Notes
Provisioning – (All 3 Pillars) Jun-16 to Aug 24 Completed
Trial Run – 1st Iteration Aug10 – Aug31 Completed
CEMLI Retrofit Sep03 – Dec04 Completed
Peralta to Code Freeze Oct-30-2020 Completed
Integration/Interfaces Oct-12 to Dec04 Completed
PeopleSoft Application Testing Dec-07-2020 – Dec-25-2020) (Dec-28-2020 – Jan-21-2021)   Peralta to arrange functional team to test complete and integrations
Phase 1 CEMLI retrofit Training Nov30 – Dec04 Make Peralta functional People available
Trial Run – 2nd Iteration 28 Dec – Jan03 Peralta IT team to provide Data from business users system to start trail run
DR Instance build and sync Jan-03 to Jan20  Completed Test schedule September 2021
Cut Over Plan & Go-Live Feb 11 to Feb 15 Peralta team to provide data from current system for go-live cut over plan