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Go live FAQs

1. How do I take online training? Online training is hosted in Canvas: http://web.peralta.
2. How do I access ONEPeralta starting May 21st?
Do not use
3. Where do I get help with Canvas? BCC: (844) 589-3853
COA: (844) 592-2199
Laney: (844) 600-4955
Merritt: (844) 602-6289
District: call any of the numbers above
4. Need help with ONEPeralta? Contact ONEPeralta team by going to


5. Need technical help?
Phone: (510) 587-7800
6. What is my user ID and Password? Use Current ID and Password


What is Different with the New ONEPeralta Finance System

“How do I add a Favorite, or add a new tile to my homepage?”
You do not have any default homepage tiles because you are neither a department manager nor an approver. You can create tiles for yourself by clicking Action List > Personalize Homepage from the homepage, or by clicking Action List > Add to Homepage from any other page in ONEPeralta.


What is ONEPeralta?

ONEPeralta is a business-driven change project that affects all aspects of operations, from standardizing processes to reimagining a student-focused culture. We will re-engineer and focus on the student journey from application to graduation, rather than each department separately. ONEPeralta involves upgrading our PeopleSoft system, which supports Finance, HR and Student functions. Through ONEPeralta, we will standardize, automate, and simplify the way we work.

What is PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft is an integrated software package that provides business applications to assist with day-to-day business processes. The various applications, such as Financials, Human Resources, and Campus Solutions, interact with each other to work efficiently and effectively across the enterprise.

Is ONEPeralta just a PeopleSoft upgrade?

ONEPeralta is more than a PeopleSoft upgrade; it is a business transformation project to help usher in the New Peralta Way. ONEPeralta will be achieved through efforts to upgrade the existing PeopleSoft systems and to implement common policies, processes, and technologically advanced core systems. The transformation will enable Peralta to streamline its processes in order to become more efficient in its use of resources across academic affairs, human resources, business services, general services, and systems operations.

IS ONEPeralta the same as the PeopleTools upgrade?

No. Peralta just finished updating their PeopleTools with great success. ONEPeralta is a completely different project that will upgrade the entire PeopleSoft Finance, HR and Student systems, along with improving business processes.

Why is ONEPeralta happening now?

Peralta is a community of outstanding faculty & staff, but our outdated systems and manual processes prevent them from working to their fullest potential. Because of these challenges, our students are not getting the level of service they deserve. We need to modernize now in order to increase enrollment and retention of students and provide them with the education they need.

What are the benefits of ONEPeralta?

The benefits ONEPeralta strives to achieve are 1) focus on students, not systems, 2) improved staff and student experience, 3) accessibility across business functions, 4) quality data and system platform, and 5) equipment for the future. These benefits will further the New Peralta Way.

What are the goals of ONEPeralta?

ONEPeralta aims to 1) make it easier to enroll in classes, 2) reduce paper and improve staff effectiveness, 3) eliminate manual payroll processes, 4) provide people the information they need, and 5) create a platform for ongoing improvement.

What is changing with ONEPeralta?

ONEPeralta will upgrade the Finance, HR and Student systems to the latest version of PeopleSoft, which is 9.2. Other new modules will also be implemented. Along with the technology upgrade, some business processes will be standardized and streamlined. The ONEPeralta team is currently designing and configuring these changes, and will be able to provide further details about changes as we move through the project.

When will these changes happen?

The Finance system is targeted to be upgraded in May 2018, while the HR and Student systems will be upgraded in the fall. More detailed timing information will be communicated when it is available.

I am a PeopleSoft user. Will I still have the same access in PeopleSoft after ONEPeralta?

With ONEPeralta, all users will have the access they need to perform their job duties. This means that your access may change, but will not remove any access that you need for your job.

Will I receive training?

Yes, you will receive just-in-time training prior to any changes that take place to provide you with the knowledge you need to continue performing your job duties. ONEPeralta will use a combination of online courses, classroom courses, job aids, and videos to deliver the most robust and accessible possible training program.

How will students be affected?

Students will use a more streamlined process to enroll in classes with ONEPeralta. They will also have more timely access to financial aid. Training videos will inform students of these new processes in time for the changes.

Is ONEPeralta the same as the ACE campaign?

No. The Peralta Community College District’s Achieving Communication Excellence (A.C.E.) Campaign exists to create a positive and respectful work environment, establish policies and procedures that hold all employees accountable, engage in training that leads to more efficient service, and participate in events that can enhance relationships with coworkers. These initiatives also serve to usher in the New Peralta Way but are separate from the goals of the ONEPeralta project.

Why the name “ONEPeralta”?

We asked everyone – Staff, Faculty and Students – to submit ideas for a project name. Out of 75 entries, the winning submission was from Evelyn Lord, Head Librarian of Laney College. In her submission, Evenlyn wrote:

  • Because we are individuals with unique backgrounds and contributions to make [Intimacy]
  • Because we are four colleges united as one district [Integrity]
  • Because we are one organization working together to provide affordable, accessible, quality education [Passion]
  • Because the O in one is a circle that represents unity and a cycle of continuous improvement
  • Because this technology can bring us together to provide an effective and consistent user experience [Competence]
  • Because this technology can provide a single destination to meet our needs [Accessibility]
  • Because simplicity allows all of us to participate [Democratic Values]

Our special thanks to Evelyn for creating and submitting this meaningful project name!

How can I support ONEPeralta?

This transformation is not possible without your support. To make this a successful project: 1) embrace the chage by being prepared to adjust business practices and adapt to new systems, 2) participate in training and encourage your colleagues to do the same, and 3) look to the future and imagine how we can continue moving Peralta forward.

  • Peralta Community College District

    The District comprises four colleges serving northern Alameda County.