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Finance Go-Live



Finance Go-Live for ONEPeralta

What is Different with the New ONEPeralta Finance System?

All Finance Users

 All approvals are done online
 Approvers have the option to approve, deny back to the requestor, or pushback to the previous approver.
 Approvers may add additional “ad hoc” reviewers or approvers as needed.
 Approval workflow chain and status is viewable in ONEPeralta
 A user-friendly layout that allows for quicker transactions.


 No more verbal requests for purchases.
 All requisitions must be entered, budget checked, and approved in the ONEPeralta system to create a valid purchase order.
 All goods must be shipped to Central Receiving (Warehouse).
 Except for perishable or hazardous items, or those which must be installed by the vendor.

Purchase Orders and Invoices

 No need to print Purchase Orders (POs)
 Electronic PO Signatures
 POs emailed to Suppliers
 Suppliers MUST submit invoices directly to Accounts Payable (AP)
 Invoices must show a valid, current PO number for the current fiscal year Invoices will be electronically attached to vouchers by AP

Commitment Control Budgets

 Electronic Attachments
 Supporting documents can be attached to Journals
 Online Approval
 Two-step Journal Transfer Approval (BTR)
 Three-step Budget Journal Approval

General Ledger

 Convenient General Ledger WorkCenter
 Online Chart Field Requests/Approvals
 Two Step GL Journal Approval
 1st level – Campus Business Manager

What is Different with the New ONEPeralta Finance System

 2nd level – District Finance
 New Journal Source coding for colleges:
 BCC – Berkeley City College
 COA – College of Alameda
 LC – Laney College
 MC – Merritt College


Go live FAQs

1. How do I take online training? Online training is hosted in Canvas: http://web.peralta.
2. How do I access ONEPeralta starting May 21st?
Do not use
3. Where do I get help with Canvas? BCC: (844) 589-3853
COA: (844) 592-2199
Laney: (844) 600-4955
Merritt: (844) 602-6289
District: call any of the numbers above
4. Need help with ONEPeralta? Contact ONEPeralta team at

5. Need technical help?
Phone: (510) 587-7800
6. What is my user ID and Password? Use Current ID and Password


Previously submitted Requisitions not approved prior to cutoff on May 15, 2018, 5 pm – will not route – here’s the process:

 Funds for those previously submitted Requisitions are pre-encumbered and need to be unencumbered
 Copy the existing Requisition number
 Save it – note the new Requisition number
 Cancel the original Requisition, be sure to budget check the canceled requisition.
 Check the budget cancellation to ensure the pre-encumbrance has returned to the available balance
 Then do a budget check and submit the new Requisition.



Previously submitted Budget Transfers/Journals not posted prior to cutoff on May 15, 2018, 5 pm – Will not route – how to resolve:

 Copy the existing Budget Transfer/Journal and do the standard processing of submission for approval then posting
 Delete old Budget Transfer/Journal if it has not been posted yet
 If the Budget Journal/Transfer has been posted without going through the approval process, then the Journal or Transfer has to be unposted and then copied and submitted again for approval



What is Happening:

ONEPeralta will replace PROMT, reduce manual paperwork, and implement electronic approval processes in order to make your day-to-day work more efficient. Updates will also add quarter end closes to the year-end close process. We are preparing to launch this modernized process and system on May 21, 2018.

Why The Transition:

We are placing the journey of every PCCD employee at the center of what is done and creating systems and policies that can adapt to shifts in employee skill requirements and the changing nature of work.

  • Nimble, adaptable administrative systems and policies
  • Reduced complexity and increased standardization
  • Access to consistent and easy-to-understand data

How This Will Help You:

  • No need to fill out triplicate paper forms
  • Automatic online approvals for requests
  • Functionality to streamline and simplify processes
  • Enhanced self-service so that users can check the status of their request and managers can approve from their mobile device
  • Quarter end close will make General Ledger reconciliation less time consuming

How You Can Prepare:

ONEPeralta Go-Liive Timeline 04262018 Final

We will be sending updates as we approach May 21st.  To learn more in detail, visit our ONEPeralta webpage. For additional information, please contact us at


We look forward to providing the highest level of service with this new solution.


Romaneir Johnson

Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration



Important Dates To Remember:

  • Go-live date May 21, 2018 at 7:00 am
  • Cutover dates May 15 – 20, 2018
  • Online training Available now

Online Training

  • Training lab hours info See schedule attached
  • Classroom training dates              May 15 – 17

Calendar invites already sent

We look forward to providing the highest level of service with this new solution.


To learn more in detail, visit our ONEPeralta webpage and for additional information, please contact us at


Romaneir Johnson

Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration

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