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Peralta Safety Services is responsible for protecting the life and property of students, employees, and visitors. Our mission is to preserve the peace, maintain order and enforce state, federal and local laws. Our goal is to provide a safe environment so that the educational process can be conducted in an orderly and uninterrupted manner. Community safety partners focus on working with students, faculty and staff in addressing the problems and/or concerns identified with safety and security.

Beginning on January 1, 2021, we’ve begun transitioning to a community-based safety and security model that includes a number of vendors, all locally-owned small and mid sized businesses. These vendors include:

Currently, Marina Security Services (Marina) and A1 Protective Services (A1) have been on-boarded and are providing safety services to our four campuses and district offices.

We are working with Community Ready Corps (CRC) and Zulu Protective Services (Zulu) to meet the District’s requirements and prepare them for the on-boarding process to provide campus security.

To contact Peralta’s Security Services, please call (510) 466-7236

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    Wednesday 23 June 2021
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