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Human Resources Meeting Minutes

12 August 2010

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Library Functionality Team Issues Log

1 August 2010


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Top priority: District IT needs to handle the annual subscriptions for the digital collections (databases vital to library services connected with instructional programs). The annual budget should build in for regular increases and increases due to enrollment growth.

[Not Peoplesoft, but District IT]

URGENT: Top priority for the four college libraries, as funding does not currently exist to support this (TTIP reduced and now gone), and as funding efficiencies might be possible with district-wide orders (eliminate double-counting of students at multiple colleges, etc)

Budget and staff should be assigned for this task as soon as possible.


The time value of money is such that deadlines must be followed or these materials cost more.  First bills for new orders are due in August. Renewals must be ordered/prepaid in November (spring) and April (fall). …more Library Functionality Team Issues Log

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