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Counseling Functionality Issues Log

29 September 2010

Counseling CFT Priorities

The following list is the ranking result of the Counseling CFT’s desired “order” of priority issues.

1.  Modify 3 transcript queries to create a single report.

2.  SARS/Passport interface – ensure accuracy of reporting student: counselor contact MIS data to State. …more Counseling Functionality Issues Log

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Counseling Functionality Meeting Minutes

29 September 2010

Present:  Kerry Compton, Chair; Adrienne Riley; Hermia Yam; Lesley Scurry; Trulie Thompson; Hector Corrales   

Guests:   Minh Lam; Debbie Budd; Joseph Bielanski 


Agenda Item and Presenter(s)


Follow-up Action

Meeting Called to Order

9:00. Meeting ended at

11:00 am




I. Agenda Setting


The agenda was developed through a review of the new PeopleSoft Resolution Team Handbook. …more Counseling Functionality Meeting Minutes

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