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Counseling Functionality Issues Log

29 September 2010

Counseling CFT Priorities

The following list is the ranking result of the Counseling CFT’s desired “order” of priority issues.

1.  Modify 3 transcript queries to create a single report.

2.  SARS/Passport interface – ensure accuracy of reporting student: counselor contact MIS data to State.

3.  Re-establishment of “standard” reports (i.e. Probation/Dismissal, 45+ units, missing Matriculation data, removal of the HAD hold at end of term, etc.).

4.  Identify students notified about failed grade on prerequisite(s); perhaps soft hold like a Service Indicator that counselor can remove.

5.  Because the Academic Advising Component is a crucial function of the PeopleSoft student records, it should be implemented as soon as possible, including provision of sufficient support in the form of personnel (i.e. adequate A&R evaluation staff) and resources (i.e. transcript imaging) to make it fully operational.

6.  Milestones:  Notification of updates; master list in drop-down menu in PeopleSoft; list must agree with what is in catalog.

7.  Identification of counselor clearing Milestone; modify reason drop-down menu to include only appropriate reasons per security profile.

8.  Establish a protocol for requesting special queries for data needed for tracking and analysis for the assessment and development of retention strategies.

9.  Modify search variables/options for course search in schedule (i.e. changing college, searching all colleges, etc.).

10. Plans to note transfer GE designation (i.e. CSU GE, IGETC, etc.) in course descriptions in PeopleSoft. 

11. Clarity and consistency on communication between counselors and those responsible for action (i.e. PRT, Kerry, Minh, etc.) and notification to the field.

12. Pending parking Lot FAQs clarified and then added to master list of FAQs.


  • “Honor Roll” designation on the transcript as in legacy
  • Class Code and Instructor name on the transcript as in legacy

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