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Counseling Functionality Meeting Minutes

29 September 2010

Present:  Kerry Compton, Chair; Adrienne Riley; Hermia Yam; Lesley Scurry; Trulie Thompson; Hector Corrales   

Guests:   Minh Lam; Debbie Budd; Joseph Bielanski 


Agenda Item and Presenter(s)


Follow-up Action

Meeting Called to Order

9:00. Meeting ended at

11:00 am




I. Agenda Setting


The agenda was developed through a review of the new PeopleSoft Resolution Team Handbook.


II. PeopleSoft Resolution Team Handbook/ Procedures


Kerry walked the Team through the new PeopleSoft Resolution Team Handbook/ Procedures.  The PRT replaces PIT.  The Functionality Teams replace the BRTs.  The PRT met on September 14, 2010 and will meet again on November 9, 2010.


The PRT sets five (5) top priorities which are as follows:

  • PeopleSoft process for Academic Probation, Progress Probation, and Dismissal
  • An implementation plan for an online Personnel Action Request form
  • Placing SARS data into the PeopleSoft system for MIS recording purposes
  • Modification of 3 transcript queries to create a single report similar to the /THD in the Legacy system (realizing that implementing a Degree Audit System is a much longer process)
  • Online Roll Book



III. Goals for the year



The Team agreed with the priorities set by the PRT.

It was noted that when implementing a Probation and Dismissal process in PeopleSoft, consideration has to be given to the HAD Hold (Hold After Dismissal).  The HAD hold was be for one semester and it was to be automatically removed at the end of the semester.  It is currently not being removed.


It was noted that Jo Ann Philips and Joyce Brown Willis are testing a couple of problems with Probation and Dismissal in the system.

It was agreed that there needs to be college testing before going to production.  However, this needs to be addressed immediately.


There was agreement that there needs to be movement on migrating SARS data into the PeopleSoft system for MIS reporting to the State Chancellor’s Office.  It was stated that this data has not been reported for the last three years.  This data is required for Matriculation requirements and compliance. Further, this is the data that would provide information on at Risk Students and provide an overview of what is happening with students.

It would be great to get “swipe” technology to register students into the SARS system.


While a Degree Audit System is critical, in the interim a transcript query comparable to the Legacy /THD report would be invaluable for Counselors, A&R, and students.  Ultimately the district will have to implement a Degree Audit System to provide full review of courses a student has taken (including out of district transcripts) and the use of those courses in various areas (Certificate, Degree, CSU GE, IGETC).  It was stated that an online one page SEP alone in the W drive is not a ideal method of working with students across the district, without the back-up documentation of the evaluation used to develop the SEP, e.g. the Degree Audit includes out of district transcripts.  It was also noted that in implementing a Degree Audit System, the district would need to hire a high level A&R Evaluator.

Need to finalize quotes for a Degree Audit System and need key counselors and A&R staff involved in the implementation.


The Team reprioritized the December 2009 Counselors Priority Issues Log.


During the discussion the issue of online student support services was addressed.  There is a need to find an administrative lead make a report at the District Technology Committee on October 1, 2010.  Counselor Mary Shaughnessy could be approached to report about strategies for online advising.




IV.  Report from Minh Lam

 Minh Lam reported that a new programmer would be onboard in 10 days.

He stated that the Student Administration functional person could assist with the counseling/A&R needs.  He also noted that the district might have to use consultants to get the work done on the system.


Minh also is trying to hire another Application Analyst.



V. Membership

The committee membership will be- Kerry Compton as Chair; Adrienne Riley and Terrance Greene, Laney; Lesley Scurry and Steve Pantell, Merritt; Trulie Thompson and Hector Corrales, COA; Hermia Yam, BCC.

It will be important to have Joyce Brown Willis and Minh Lam attend Team meetings, as well as Jo Ann Phillips.


IV. Next Meetings

The next meetings for the fall semester are November 10 and December 9-

9:30 to 11:00 am. The meeting scheduled for October 13, 2010 will not be held as the CFT has already state the priorities which are aligned with the PRT priorities.



November meeting:

Update from PRT 10/9 meeting and update on resolving counseling issues and priorities




November 10, 2010

9:30 – 11:00 a.m.

IT Conference Room


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