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Matriculation Meeting Minutes

2 October 2010

Attendees: Donald Moore, Brenda Johnson, Adrienne Riley, Blanca De Oca, Gail Pendleton, Eric Gravenberg, Hermia Yam, Jacob Ng, Kerry Compton, Lesley Scurry, Minh V. Dao, Patricia Denoncourt, Sheryl Queen, Minh Lam, Joseph Bielanski and Kathy Pamper.

Absent: Charlotte Smith, May Chen, Trulie Thompson, Joyce Brown Willis and Tina Vasconcellos.

  1. Assessments: District wide Assessments met with Dean Orante who organized them on behalf of VPSS and Deans.   The meeting coordinated schedules and looking at various ways for these offices to work together.
  2. Online Student Services: Counseling Functionality Team met regarding online counseling and this morning the District Tech Committee met (Dr. Gravenberg and Dr. Bielanski reported).  Mary Shaughnessy represented the Counseling FT.  The Tech committee was very frustrated regarding the lack of services to online students. Dr. Gravenberg provided them with the Online Student Services Grid.  The Tech committee passed two resolutions:   1) That the appropriate Student Services Administrator provide a written report on how e-mail counseling is currently being handled and how much this impacts counselor workload:  2) That the Vice Chancellor of Student Services in conjunction with the Vice Presidents of Student Services, develop a plan to connect allocation of DE resources to support provision of online services, especially counseling, to online students, and to present the plan at the November 5, 2010 District Tech Committee meeting.
  3. Petition for Course Repetition:  Moved to next meeting to have Dr. Ng and A& R report on how it’s been going.
  4. Waiting List Spring Implementation: Sheryl Queen presented and stated that they were going to implement a faculty training program with Alexis Alexander and will work with Marketing for an aggressive campaign on waiting lists to students, faculty, and staff.
  5. Data Collecting (MIS)/Researching Component: District Matriculation will conduct a validation study this academic year.  The Committee asked for volunteers.
  6. Validation Committee: Blanca Montes de Oca, Minh Dao, Patricia Denoncourt, Gail Pendleton, May Chen, Michael Orkin, Jo Ann Phillips, Counseling Representative, English, Math, and ESL representatives.
  7. Early Alert: There was a discussion about implementing the Early Alert for next semester.  It was determined that a committee be formed and given the task.  Early Alert Committee:  Brenda Johnson, Leslie Scurry, Sheryl Queen, Adrienne Riley, Trulie Thompson and Donald Moore.
  8. District Matriculation Committee Membership: The discussion was that Dr. Moore will contact the VPIs and asked for appointments to District Matriculation and for one of them to attend.

The next meeting in November will discuss petitions for Course Repetition.

Set time for Early Alert and Validation to meet.

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