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Year End Assignments

1 November 2010




due date

on target?

final deposits follow-up with responsible trust & club accounts – review procedures with Ron meet with business mgrs 9/7, give them list of assignments in writing business managers/Judy Lam deposits 9/10  
trust fund reports receive and log in all college trust fund statements, college bank reconciliations and student club statements business managers 17-Sep  
accrue June apportionment/all other income Accrue remaining portion of June approtionment.  Accrue 4th quarter interest Susan apportionment done. Interest – Dettie 9/9 3-Sep yes
clear out FWS non-allowable expenses, benefits should be transferred Telly/MB – student done.  Check on staff benefits 10-Sep yes
salary/benefit accrual must be manually booked if supplementals are processed.   July 15 done.  If parity is to be booked to 2010 then that needs to be done 16-Sep  
retention payments Clear out prior year ret pymts & book current year- fund 63 Gali/Steve Haigler???    
book a/p accruals book a/p transactions for prior year done    
acrue lottery accrue 3rd & 4th quarter lottery estimates Susan & Dettie 3-Sep  
worker’s comp entry transfer worker’s comp liability in all funds  Judy Yu & Vu 3-Sep  
post financial aid entries Transfer student stipends expense to restricted programs Judy Lam 17-Sep  
reconcile all bank accounts all bank accounts need to be reconciled up to June 30 see supporting document 24-Sep  
reconcile revolving account make sure this account is reimbursed at 6/30 mbb/Judy Lam 24-Sep  
clear all error/suspense accounts process journal for all funds if needed for error, suspense or holding accounts see supporting document    
book student a/r reconcile student a/r use ar information from peoplesoft see supporting document    
Last day for June 30th JE Lst day to post JE with a June 30th date      
fixed assets Update fixed assets report with additions/deletions ??? Gali Need Help    
close restricted programs book final entries to close each program deferred revenue/ar/ap Ofelia/MBB 1-Oct  
Deferred revenue Post deferred revenue for all programs Ofelia/MBB 1-Oct  
Post all payrolls All other p/r adjustments need to be completed Vu/MBB 24-Sep  
reconcile all financial aid  reconcile all receivables and G5 accounts to general ledger Judy Lam 20-Sep  

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