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Matriculation Meeting Minutes

5 November 2010

Attendees: Donald Moore, Brenda Johnson, Adrienne Riley, Blanca De Oca, Gail Pendleton, Eric Gravenberg, Kerry Compton, Lesley Scurry, Minh V. Dao, Sheryl Queen, Joseph Bielanski, Trulie Thompson, and Jo Ann Phillips

Absent: Charlotte Smith, May Chen, Kathy Pappert, Hermia Yam, Joyce Brown Willis and Tina Vasconcellos.

  1. Assessments: COA Matriculation Committee discussed the costs of assessments and that a certain percentage of students take assessments at one college but take classes at another college(s) and raises the cost of one college paying for student at other college.  The consensus of the District Matriculation committee was that students were Peralta students; many take classes at multiple campuses.  However, the committee requested that all campus keep data on the number of assessment units used, and where do students take assessments and where they attend classes.
  2. Online Student Services: Discussed the concern that Technology and Education Committee must understand the District Matriculation looked at Online Student Services and developed an implementation grid and a Phased process with some services that are implemented and others implemented soon. The Committee passed a unanimous resolution that affirms the implementation grid and will update and continue to follow up with these services per the plan outlined in the grid.   This resolution will be sent to the district Education Committee, the Technology Committee, and the PeopleSoft Functionality Committee.
  3. Discussion of plan for implementation of academic Dismissal and Probation holds. The Committee agreed that prior to the implementation to send out notices to those students who are on Dismissal or Probation, the District Educational Services and IT will work with colleges who have to work with these students.  The Committee did not believe that it would be useful for it to be implemented from fall 2010 grades.
  4. Concurrent High School Students: The Committee was not aware that a policy was moved forward from Vice Chancellor Ng to the Board of Trustees that requires all High School students to pay enrollment fees regardless of the number of units.  In addition, high school students are required to pay for health fees.  It was observed by some members of the Committee that the original policy in the spring and summer were to charge high school students who take full time college student classes (12 units).  The Committee discussed that this impacted on students in East Bay who are in chartered schools which do not have traditional high school labs and classes who take classes at their local Peralta College.  In addition, committee members questioned how many high school students were there in Peralta during the fall and spring? One College stated that it was a very small portion of their enrollment.  The Committee unanimously passed a resolution opposing the policy as strongly as they could and urged that this and any other policy that impacted on the matriculation of students be evaluated in this committee.  We also questioned the process, since this is the first time this committee became aware of this policy and wondered if it had been through the Education Committee and Planning and Budget.
  5. Validation Committee: Committee met to address scope and time frame and arrange for next meeting.
  6. Early Alert: There was a discussion about implementing the Early Alert for next semester.  The committee voiced their concerns about implementing this by Census Date in early February.  The Early Alert Committee agreed to meet soon to work out the implementation.
  7. Issues not addressed were a Resolution on PeopleSoft, Student Performance and the Matriculation Process (Data collection), and sending lists (EOPS, DSPS, Veterans) to colleges for their contacting students, particularly in light of district not sending post cards.
  8. Vice Chancellor Ng showed up at end and indicated that because of all the PeopleSoft problems this week and the effect on students, he was moving to a “paper enrollment process.”  This was strongly objected to by the Committee, stating that the impact on students, staff, and PeopleSoft will be devastating.  The Committee voted a resolution opposing this action.  Vice Chancellor Ng showed up as the committee ended their meeting indicating that PeopleSoft was up and running.

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