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Matriculation Meeting Resolutions

5 November 2010

Attendees: Donald Moore, Brenda Johnson, Adrienne Riley, Blanca De Oca, Gail Pendleton, Eric Gravenberg, Kerry Compton, Lesley Scurry, Minh V. Dao, Sheryl Queen, Joseph Bielanski, Trulie Thompson, and Jo Ann Phillips

Absent: Charlotte Smith, May Chen, Kathy Pappert, Hermia Yam, Joyce Brown Willis and Tina Vasconcellos.

The District Matriculation Committee passed the following resolutions:


Passed unanimously:

We affirm the implementation of the Matriculation Online Services Grid developed in Spring 2010 and will continue to work through the identified goals, activities, and timeline. We are concerned about the narrow scope of the resolution passed by the PCCD Technology Committee that only focuses on counseling.


Passed unanimously:

We oppose the policy developed and recommended by the Vice Chancellor of Student Services that requires all High School students to pay enrollment fees on any and all units taken.

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