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PeopleSoft Resolution Team Meeting Minutes

9 November 2010

Chair: Debbie Budd

Present: David Betts,  Linda Sanford, Joseph Bielanski, Sheryl Queen, Eric Gravenberg, Joyce Brown-Willis, Minh Lam, Kyu Lee, Raghuvir Goradia, Krista Johns, Kerry Compton, Mike Orkin, Jo Ann Phillips, Victor Flint, Janet Cragin, Karolyn van Putten, Alexis Alexander, Linnea Wren, Ramaro Anumula, MaryBeth Benvenutti.           

Absent: Donald Moore, Connie Willis, Judy Cohen, Linda Berry, Jacob Ng


Agenda Item and Presenter(s)


Follow-up Action


Meeting Called to Order

Debbie Budd

Minutes from the September 29, 2010 meeting were included in the meeting handouts.




Review of PeopleSoft Resolution Team Functions.

Debbie announced that IT programmers are now in place.

Ramaro Anumula was introduced as a new programmer.

Dominique Benavides, who will be working with Student Financials, will be introduced at the next meeting in the spring.

Debbie and Minh meet with the ACCJC visiting team to answer questions regarding the “Management System” recommendation.

It is clear how central technology is to the day-to-day operation of the district and its impact on everyone’s work.  The importance of Business Practices was emphasized.




Update on PeopleSoft System

The majority of the meeting was devoted to discussion of the PeopleSoft system and the problems being encountered because of the recent Oakland power outage.

It was emphasized that in spite of the problems, Payroll Checks had been cut and the A/P checks were being cut on this day.

It was stressed that when there are system problems and issues- communication is critical and important so that people are up-to-date on status.

During the power outage a generator failed (even though it had been regularly tested).  Dr. Ikahro will have to investigate the generator problem and the reason it failed. 

Several Team members were not in attendance given their need to do some important functions in PeopleSoft (i.e., Judy Cohen working on MIS data).

In keeping with the discussion, Minh Lam (AVC of IT) confirmed that the PeopleSoft problems were hardware related and that corrections were needed and were being investigated by the generator vendor and CIBER in an effort to determine what really happened.

Dr. Gravenberg, VPSS at Merritt, stressed the need for a Business Continuity Plan and stressed the need for pre-planning, emergency preparedness, what lessons have been learned, the critical nature of communication, and whether is a backup in place.

Clearly, the Disaster Recovery Plan is not comprehensive; storage issues need to be addressed.  It was stated that a written report regarding the “problem” will be completed (Why the failure? Assessment).

It was then acknowledged that this has a great impact on students, especially during the registration period.  How are they being informed? How are we communicating with students?  Should there be a college contact with whom to share the status of system recovery and that contact would get the word out.

How do we even do weekend notification given that enrollment is a 24 hour a day, every day, action.  For example, there were 40,000 student appointments for enrollment as of today (11/9).

So the questions: Who provides the message?  Who distributes it? Does Marketing have a role in delivering the message?

It was noted that an Alertify e-mail went out to students.  It was suggested that Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Networking platform might be used. 

We need a decision structure to deal with issues like this- probably need an Advisory Group – a Crisis Management Team to deal with big/major decisions and to address the solution..

Key business areas need to be involved when the management system is failing.  What goes forward?  What are the priorities?  What do we address first?  What are our Business Practices?  Once again it was stated that there needs to be a Think Tank/Advisory Group in place.

It was suggested that there be a side meeting with – Eric Gravenberg, Kerry Compton, Joyce Brown Willis, MaryBeth Benvenutti, and David Betts.

At this point, there is a need for action and commitment; there needs to be deadlines and assurance that those deadlines will be met.











Business Continuity Plan

Need to obtain the written report assessing the PeopleSoft problem encountered.

How do we communicate with students?





Crisis Management Team?


Decision making process.


Report out from Functionality Committees:

Library (Krista Johns):

Krista Johns reported on needs expressed by the Librarians;

There is a need for money for database subscriptions since TTIP funds are unavailable.  This will go to the district Tech Committee and the PBC.  It was noted that the purchase of database subscriptions is coordinated at the State level and renewal times are November and April.

In the meeting handouts was a matrix of identified library needs.  Krista had sent the matrix out prior to this meeting.

Counseling (Kerry Compton):

Kerry Compton addressed the priority list set at the first PRT meeting which includes many items important to Counseling. 

It was reported that there is currently work being done regarding Probation and Dismissal.  Fall grades need to be posted before it can be finalized; need to have a sense of how many students this involves; obviously the process needs to be tested; there was some comment that Pradeep Reddy is assisting with this issue, as well as Ram.

It was reported that the district is moving forward with the Degree Audit function which would not only benefit Counselors but also A&R Evaluators and possibly even Financial Aid Specialists.  It is hoped that a presentation will be made to the Counseling Functionality Team at its December 8, 2010 meeting.

In the meeting handouts was document listing Counseling priorities as of September 2010.

Student Services (Eric Gravenberg):

Dr. Gravenberg and Victor Flint reported on a November 2 Event at the district office which brought the Chancellor together with key Student Leaders.  A report about the event was provided.

Student Finance (Connie Willis):

Connie Willis and Kyu are working in this area.  Connie has forwarded an issues log that list items from the college Bursars.

Human Resources (David Betts):

David Betts reported that there is a set meeting every month to address HR needs.  There will be presentations on November 16 regarding options for an online PAF which would definitely decrease workload and would increase efficiency in process personnel action requests.

Instructional Faculty (Linda Sanford):

Linda Sanford reported that she soon would be meeting with the team.

The issue of Roll Books was stressed and the need for a solution.  It was noted that there is a need to work with Jacob Ng (VC/Student Services).  What is acceptable as a roll book?  What is the filing process?

Institutional Effectiveness (Mike Orkin):

Mike Orkin reported that his team had met on October 13. He reported on various data reports available on the web.  Mike reported that he will provide notes from the October 13 meeting which can then be posted.

Matriculation (Donald Moore):

The meeting handouts included the notes from the October 2, 2010 District Matriculation Committee meeting, as well as the agenda for the November 5, 2010 meeting.

Library databases subscription need to be forwarded to the district Education Committee and the PBC.




Need ongoing update on Probation and Dismissal enforcement.




Review of Degree Audit function on 12/8/10.






Post the issues log Connie forwarded.


Need follow-up after the 11/16 PAF presentations.




Still need a solution regarding Roll Books.


Review Progress on Prioritized Tasks:




1. Progress Probation Implementation

2. Implementation Plan for Electronic Personnel Action Request Forms

3. SARS/PASSPORT interface: ensure accuracy of reporting student/counselor contact data for MIS submission to the State

4. Modify the special GPA transcript summary (/THD) to create a single report

5. Create roll books in instructor portals without having to use Excel.








 11:00 am



Next meeting:

  Beginning of Spring Semester; to be set by VC Debbie Budd.



 Handouts: September 29, 2010 PRT minutes; District Matriculation Committee 11/5 agenda and 10/2 meeting notes; Matrix of identified Library needs.

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