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Instructional Faculty Issues Log

30 November 2010

PeopleSoft Functionality Team (PSFT)

Instructional Faculty

Prioritized Issues 11-30-10




1.  Training: 

Census Rosters: 

  • Inconsistent dates
  • Dynamically dated classes
  • No show rosters
  • Census verification rosters
  • Communication of protocols and procedures

2.  Training:     

Wait List Procedures


3.  Rollbooks:

No online rollbook or attendance roster.  Need to create a portal within PeopleSoft so that instructors do not have to use Excel.


4.  Dynamically dated classes:

Drop rosters are not always available.

  • Drop rosters dates are inconsistent.
  • Communication about dates for census rosters is non-existent.
  • No notification of dates in faculty center.
  • No posted schedule of drop dates is available.


5.  Variable Unit Classes:

Default issues.

  • Instructors cannot input the correct number of units earned at the end of the semester.
  • Students are unaware of selection in unit values and often enroll in the wrong number of units.


6.  Security:

Password – need to add the option of a periodic update.  Right now the password never changes.

Personal data – need to remove the SS# and only show employee ID#.


7.  Submission of Rosters:

No notification that the roster has been submitted and cannot be edited.


8.  Training: 

Ongoing training (each term) for submission of rosters, including final grade rosters.


9.  Training: 

In the absence of an online rollbook, ongoing training in how to download information to create  rollbooks/attendance rosters in excel and other database management programs.


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