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Couseling Functionality Meeting Minutes

8 December 2010


Present:  Kerry Compton, Chair; Adrienne Riley; Hermia Yam; Lesley Scurry; Trulie Thompson; Terrance Greene; Steve Pantell.

Guest:  Joseph Bielanski         


Agenda Item and Presenter(s)


Follow-up Action

Meeting Called to Order

9:00. Meeting ended at

11:00 am

The last meeting was September 29, 2010. 

The October 13, 2010 and November 10, 2010 meeting were cancelled given that none of the Counseling priorities had been addressed.



I. Agenda Setting


As a follow-up to a presentation by a consultant on December 3, 2010 regarding implementation of the Academic Advising/Degree Audit module in PeopleSoft, a focus in agenda setting was regarding this presentation.  This raised issues about other Counseling priorities, specifically the Transcript Summary query (similar to /THD in Legacy).


II. Counseling Functionality Team priorities, with a specific focus on the Academic Advising/Degree Audit module and the Transcript Summary query.


Kerry had a PowerPoint presentation from Beth Tripp, CEO, Pinetree Ridge a presenter at the December 3, 2010 meeting.  The PowerPoint presented information on the Academic Advising/Degree Audit as used at San Jose State.  Early in the presentation the team determined that in order to emphasize the critical importance of implementing  the Academic Advising/Degree Audit module in PeopleSoft and to have the Transcript Summary created,  it might be appropriate to develop a resolution and forward that resolution to the District Education Committee for review and action.  The remainder of the meeting focused on writing  the resolution.


III. Resolution forwarded to the District Education Committee

Whereas, Counseling faculty have been involved in the PeopleSoft conversion since  fit gap meetings in spring 2005,


and, Whereas the Counseling Functionality Team (Counseling Business Team) has submitted counseling priority issues* in  Fall 2007, three of which have been incorporated into the top five priorities** of the PeopleSoft Resolution Team since September 2010 and for which there has been no action,


and, Whereas  the Admission and Records evaluators, Counseling Faculty, Financial Aid staff, Student Services administrators, and students need a transcript summary immediately . This critical functionality was available in the mainframe/Legacy system and the PeopleSoft resolution  was promised in May 2008,


and, Whereas, the lack of a transcript summary impacts graduation and transfer rates, the awarding of financial aid, the development of student educational plans, the effective use of student contact hours, and other issues directly affecting student success,


and, Whereas, the Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and staff have identified a solution to the critical need for the academic advising issues identified,


Therefore the Counseling Functionality Team  requests the immediate completion of the transcript summary, and supports implementation of the Academic Advising module which would require

  • an Admissions and Records functional lead to implement PCCD course mapping and evaluation of out of district transcripts
  • an imaging system
  • a consultant to assist with the implementation of the Academic Advising module
  • a project manager knowledgeable about PCCD business practices
  • the provision  of long term support to users, i.e. training, maintenance, documentation.


*Counseling priorities


**Issues log




IV. Introduction of the Student Administration functional analyst

At the end of the meeting, Associate Vice Chancellor, Minh Lam came to the meeting and introduced Ramarao Anumula as the functional analyst for the Student Administration and said that Ram would be working with the Counseling Functionality Team. (


V. Next Meeting



February 9, 2011

9:30 – 11:00 a.m.

IT Conference Room


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