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Finance and Human Resource Enhancements

16 December 2010




New Hire (UI Customization) Workforce Administration UI customization that enhances the hiring of process.  Data entry is simplified due to all data field needing input are highlighted.
Copy Address functionality Workforce Administration This functionality enables user to directly copy the mailing address of the Employee as entered on Home Address type and in turn saves data entry and time.
ProRata Paysheet Process North American Payroll This enables the user to avoid to create manually the Paysheets for Adjuncts after the prelim and flat file creation process has been completed. 
Load leave/absence data on Paysheets North American Payroll This functionality not only enables the user to post the LAR data onto Leave Accrual Pages for correct posting thru Paysheets to Paycheck and Direct deposits but also gives user(s) ample time to update on Rapid Entry Template for upload purpose.
PayCheck and Direct Deposit Advice reports North American Payroll The delivered reports have been customized to give user upto date information on their personal data without comprising secure data.
Mailing labels for Benefits Base Benefits Reports
Vendor Interfaces Base Benefits Vendor File interfaces were developed for Bartel and 403B/457B Vendors.
County ChecK file  North American Payroll Check file for FTP to County. (Compliance requirement)
Retirement files  North American Payroll Retirement files for upload to PERS/STRS/APPLE (Regularly maintain the changes as required by Compliance)
CompTime Earnings and Used Report Workforce Administration The Output enables the leave adminstrator to accurately pay Comp Time Earned by Employees as required by District and Bargainning Agreement/Policies.
Leave liability report Workforce Administration To display Vacation, Float and Comp time  liabilities as of 06/30/20XX by EEO6 Categories.
Parity Pay upload process North American Payroll This process gives the flexibility to the user to custom define the Parity Pay and Deduction % for the respective paygroup
Contract balancing North American Payroll This process tracks and enables the user to accurately pay the Contract balance at fiscal year end.
RetroPay Paysheet Process North American Payroll This process was designed to accurately pay the back wages to Employees in their respective classifications. 
Cost of living Adjustment Process Workforce Administration This process was designed to update the Salary, JobCode Component and auto-update the Job Records to accurately reflect the New Salary with the Effective date. 
Custom Reports Workforce Administration, Base Benefits and N.A Payroll Several Custom SQRs were developed and are maintained to reflect any changes made in respective modules.
Queries Reporting tool Several Custom Queries were developed as requested by users.
Note : Reports, Queries, reports developed not included in this list    

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