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Student Finance Meeting Minutes

24 January 2011

SF Update – January 25, 2011


Online Credit Card Processing – students charged multiple times

·Improvement  as of Jan 5, 2011

o   Students are still experience timing out however double charging has stopped.  

o   Clean up efforts are on-going.


International Sponsor Refunds – bursars can not issue sponsor refunds

·Oracle tickets are still pending

o   IT will need to provide additional information

o   Work around is being created to address unissued refunds


View Customer Acct link and Charge Reversal link – links error out when attempting to access page

·Oracle tickets are still pending

o   IT will need to provide additional information


Tuition Calculation – student accounts not calculating correctly

·Nightly tuition calculation and auto calculation has been restored for required tuition calculations only

·Batch run will be schedule once a week to calculate all students for Spring 2011

·FA has noted BOGG’s not calculating correctly.

o   This is caused by the BOGG being placed on the student account before the student enrolls. 

o   Current work around is to manually calculate the student account using the Tuition Calculation link.


Third Party Contracts

·Training docs on configuring contracts are in progress


Bursar holds – students have experienced bursar holds with a zero balance

·IT runs a batch process that places the holds if a balance exists

o   Monitoring the process on daily basis  – communicating with IT to clear incorrect holds

o   Reminder to bursars: when placing a bursar hold you must also remove the hold manually.  The hold will not remove itself.


Financial Aid and Conversion Efforts – in progress

·Conversion clean up – estimated 300 student accounts outstanding

·FA clean up – estimated 500 accounts outstanding

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