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Matriculation Meeting Minutes

4 February 2011


Donald Moore, Brenda Johnson, Adrienne Riley, Blanca De Oca, Hermia Yam, Lesley Scurry, Minh V. Dao, Sheryl Queen, Joseph Bielanski, Meryl Siegal, Trulie Thompson, Jo Ann Phillips & Gail Pendleton.



  1. Online Student Services- Report on COA Initiative- Trulie Thompson reported that COA Counseling had to develop certain forms to use and were trying them out.  COA will have a complete report at the end of this academic year.  COA reported some concerns regarding the effort.
  2. Passport/Functions – Discussion and concerns were reflected on the problems experienced by students, faculty, counselors on Passport issues, including Wait list, Students Drop for not paying, Pre Req students dropped, and XXXX.  The discussion raised several points of which Ed Services stated they were aware. However, no one from IT or District Student Services indicated that they were addressing the various issues.
  3. Resolution- encourages a policy or protocol whereby the district does not attempt multiple large applications of Passport at the same time. It further encourages the district to ensure all testing be completely done and that communication is clearer to users.
  4. Pre req students dropped were discussed during the Passport/Functions agenda item.  Concern was voiced that students were able to get back into classes that they were dropped.
  5. Concurrent Students- It was agreed that again this year, high school concurrent students would be allowed to sign up starting after June 1, 2011. This would allow current students to sign up for classes.  The Assessment Offices will conduct assessments for concurrent students during the week of May 18th.  A& R will be notified along with a request that the Vice Chancellor notify the various school districts and high schools regarding this process.

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