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Library Functionality Team Issues Log

14 February 2011


Priority 1:  Student Record Download—As part of the Millenium online catalog system implementation, we will need to establish a process for regular/automatic downloading student record information from Passport to Millennium.  This will form the basis of student borrower records.

Priority 2:  Faculty/Classified/Administrator Download—In the same fashion, there will need to be a process for downloading faculty/classified/administrator record information from PeopleSoft to Millennium.  This will form the basis of employee borrower records

Priority 2:  Will need real-time links between borrower holds in Millennium and Passport.

Priority 2:  Will need real-time links between acquisitions accounting/purchases in Millennium and PeopleSoft.

Library System- Horizon (current one)
Priority 1:  Due to delays in the purchase process/contract negotiations, the new system will not be fully implemented by July 1.  Because of this we will need to extend our maintenance agreement with Horizon on a month-to-month or multiple-month basis in June.  (Maintenance agreement is renewed starting July 1.)  Once Innovative Millennium contract is signed, we will have a better idea of how long we need to extend Horizon maintenance agreement.

Priority 1:  Data extraction from Horizon to Millennium may require additional costs–estimated maximum $14,000.  This would entail hiring a consultant who specializes in Horizon to Millennium data extraction. The librarians will want to try first to do this in-house, but should the need arise we need to be ready to hire someone.  [Measure A]

Priority 1:  Authority processing.  This is another process we would use consultants for (e.g. Marcive did this for us last time).  This is strongly recommended as it will clean up our data which has not had authority work since we first automated in 1998.  The data migration period is an ideal time to take care of this kind of cleanup. [Measure A]

Student / Employee ID Cards
Priority 2:  Student ID cards are used extensively by the libraries (scanned for book checkout, computer reservations, etc.).  The libraries also use student ID cards as copy cards (students deposit funds onto the student ID card and avoid paying extra for a copy card).  If changes are planned for student ID cards, include a librarian representative on any planning task force.

Priority 2:  Employee ID cards are used extenively by the libraries (scanned for checkouts, room reservations, equipment reservations, etc.)  Current employee IDs do not have a barcode.  There is no connection to PeopleSoft employee records.  If changes are planned for employee ID cards, include a librarian representative on any planning task force. 

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