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PeopleSoft Resolution Team Meeting Minutes

14 February 2011

Chair: Debbie Budd

Present: Debbie Budd, Mike Orkin, Joseph Bielanski, Minh Lam, Tony Hale, Milan Havel, Alexis Alexander, Sriram Battineni, Gopaal Chandrassevkaran, Hui Zhang, Judy Cohen, Kyu Lee, Beth Tripp, Ram Anumula, Raghu Goradia , Dominique Benavides, David Betts, Joyce Brown-Willis, Jo Ann Philips, Sheryl Queen, Krista Johns, Eric Gravenberg, Kerry Compton, Donald Moore


Agenda Item and Presenter(s)


Follow-up Action


Meeting Called to Order

3:00 pm 



I. Update on PeopleSoft System









This is the 3rd meeting of PRT.

Debbie Budd, VC of Ed Services,  did a recap of the PRT objectives and everything that is going on regarding accreditation. The accrediting team visit is expected in April 2011 to follow up on pending issues.

 Went around the room doing introductions because they are a lot of new faces, new hires.

 Only two consultants at today’s meeting: Sriram (BI Tool) and Beth Tripp (Pine Tree Ridge: Degree Audit/Academic Advisement Module)


Beth Tripp from Pine Tree Ridge will be working on the Academic Advising/ Degree Audit Module. Her team will devote a lot of time doing an upfront evaluation in order to understand Peralta’s business practices.

It is very important to understand what the district’s needs are in order to develop the Fit Gap.

After assessment they will meet with Peralta’s IT in order to build the program. And then the testing period will begin. Testing is a crucial part of the process to ensure everything works properly prior to “go live”.

At this time we are fortunate to have Tony Hale as the new Director of Enterprise Services to interact in this area. Tony officially being on March 1, 2011.

Keep in mind we need not only strong programmers and IT staff, but strong users to test the system

Accreditation is looking into IT very strongly because IT is known to be a foundation to the work of the district.

Kerry Compton, VPSS/COA,  mentioned that the Counselor Functionally Team has been meeting for the last 3 years. The Fit Gap has already been done previously for the Degree Audit Module.  Counselors in general have worked in the student admin area to be familiar enough with all the issues.


Wait List function was used during the registration for Spring 2011. (It had been beta tested in summer 2010.) 7,900 wait list numbers were successfully used. There were a few issues and Sheryl Queen has a few recommendations to make as we move forward to summer and fall 2011. Also, there was a lot of feedback from faculty; and there were many statements of appreciation to have this function operationalized.

A huge part of the issues was communication regarding the expectations of the system in regards to short term classes and dynamic dated classess.


Dominique Benavides, student financials analyst, worked with Dianne Hughes from Ciber to establish the general ledger with finance. They were able to configure different modules for payment plans and student fees. Corrected student fees that were entered incorrectly into the system. Reconciled student accounts. There are still some issues with conversion and Dominique has been working with IT. About 1% of issues need to be fixed.

Milan Havel, AVC/Budget,  mentioned that a lot of things were accomplished through the external audit. Still working on some of the issues.

Minh Lam, AVC/IT, commented that through the audit IT determined that there are best practices that we need to establish in order to move forward. Need to enforce some restrictions.

Debbie Budd reminded everyone that a year ago we were sitting with the auditors unable to close our books because of the many issues with student finances. For the first time in a long time, this year we have been able to close our books on time.

Donald Moore, VPSS/Laney, said to not lose sight of the students. Some students were dropped from their classes for not paying fees. Staff in the front lines couldn’t do much to help the students, but apologized to them. As we move forward we need to make sure that students are kept informed.

Effective communication among the district and the colleges is crucial and maybe this body can be the vehicle for that communication. 




II. Review of Issues Log 

Most issues on log are covered in the Committees’ Reports



III. Report out from Committees


FINANCIAL AID – Judy Cohen, Director of Financial Aid

Meet weekly with SAFE team, legacy programmers, and financial aid supervisors to look at the functional parts. By May 2011 we will start to integrate the PeopleSoft side. Gopaal and Ram (programmers) will be helping. We will keep Legacy as a backup, but we should be able to load from SAFE by 2013.


Counseling group meets once a month. There was no meeting this month because it is a very busy time for counselors (student registration), but they will meet in March and will also be meeting with Beth Tripp from Pine Tree Ridge. This group brought some of their concerns to the Educational Committee regarding the need to implement the Degree Audit Module as well as to have a Transcript Summary similar to the Legacy /THD.

 HUMAN RESOURCES – David Betts, Director of HR

Right now Human Resources is working on three things that are IT related.

1. Online Applications: The district has signed with PeopleAdmin. We are using something that has been tested and used by other colleges.

2. Leaves & Absences and Time Reporting: Right now we are using PeopleSoft 8.9 and to get the most integrated system we will need to upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.0 in order to get two separate modules.

Minh Lam explained that in PS 8.9 both modules, HR and SA, are in the same database, by upgrading to PS 9.0 or PS 9.1 will separate the databases, which makes them easy to work with separately.

3. Personal Action Forms: Will have to bid and in order to that we need put out what our requirements are. Right now we are updating our business process so that we can put together a document with our requirements to out with the bids.

LIBRARY – Krista Johns, VPI/BCC

Libraries are looking forward to the summer implementation to the new management database system. There will be a training segment that is essential. Need to make sure that access to fees and holds is easily accessible to staff.

Libraries are in desperate need for reliable funding for databases. The Finance Department found some money that can be used for this purpose.  The Board approved the purchase of the Millennium Library System.

MATRICUALTION – Donald Moore, VPSS/Laney

The matriculation group met this month. The majority of concerns have to do with all the issues we have been discussing today. We need to take into consideration the impact of implementing a lot of thing at once (fees, wait list, pre-requisites, etc.). Counselors saw many students who were dropped and were not able to get permission numbers in order to be added back. Donald stated that about 400 students were dropped at Laney.

Kerry Compton mentioned that we need to take into consideration training. Faculty had training and some savvy people were able to figure things on their own. Maybe A&R and Help Desk staff  need to be trained also.

Minh Lam pointed out that we need to look at all these initiatives and see how implementing one affects other areas. Maybe we need to phase them in.

SCHEDULERS – Linda Berry, VPI/Merritt

(Sheryl Queen did report in Linda’s absence)

Schedulers met in November and they are working on the fall schedule. The schedule impacts many areas, such as faculty not being able to see class or grade rosters. Sheryl is working on linking classes for learning communities and hopes to have this ready for Summer/Fall 2011. Maybe it can be tested with a few classes.

 STUDENT FINANCE – Connie Willis, Business Manager/COA

See Student Fee Payment Report provided above by Dominique Benavides for Connie Willis.

Currently working on outstanding issues with IT. Also, reporting issues to Oracle.

STUDENT SERVICES – Eric Gravenberg, VPSS/Merritt

The first quarterly meeting with student leaders will take place in March. They had a brown-bag session last year. Some students would like to be able to expedite the process to get a degree. Students would really like to help us and were excited to be included in the process. Need to revisit the integration part of this body to improve dialog with students. Students might not be able to attend all of our meetings, but VPSS can act as students reps. Eric has been working with Judy Cohen regarding issues with financial aid.

Tony Hale, incoming Director of Enterprise Services, asked if there is any kind of evaluation system in place in order to get feedback regarding the implementation of these services?

BUDGET/FINANCE – Milan Havel, AVC/Budget

Milan Havel and Kyu Lee provided a brief report.

Milan will provide a more detailed report at the next PRT meeting.

Kyu Lee, programmer, is working with Vice Chancellor Ron Gerhard on budget implementation itmes for next year. Ron has already distribute it to the colleges.

Regarding payroll, the feed was sent late, but we are catching up and this weekend the January payroll was posted on time – a first in over six years.

In Financial Aid checks are being posted through SAFE and waiting to get correct coding from the Finance Department.

The colleges do not have the correct posting for categorical for FY 2010-11. Need to see this posted properly before moving forward to FY 2011-12

Right now the district has a position control number for every full-time regular job position. Right now HR assigns the position control number and Finance attaches it to the budget string. At the moment this job number is only assigned to regular full-time position. There has been talk to implement the same for hourly, student workers and part-time faculty.

ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS – Joyce Brown Willis/Charlotte Smith

Term priority activation will be set up pretty soon. Right now the different groups are being setup. Joyce will work with Ram to start deleting inactive students.  Joyce just found out today that we do have a transcript evaluator for outside transcripts (Connie Woo).


This team met in the Fall. A lot of new dashboards have been added to the BI Tool. Have added a faculty access for the BI Tool. The Institutional Effectiveness Team is using the BI tool to prepare reports and a lot of the data is also available online in the Institutional Research website. Hoping to get financial information on this website soon.

INSTRUCTIONAL FACULTY – Linda Sanford, Dean of Instruction/Laney

(Alexis Alexander reported in Linda’s absence)

Lots of good training material on grades and rosters.  Alexis was able to send this out to faculty and it seems to have been very helpful. There is no policy regarding grade rosters and maybe we need to work on this. Keep in mind that census rosters are going to be due soon. Maybe we need to send a reminder to faculty.

Alexis received some feedback from faculty regarding the waitlist function: keep the numbers good after the first day of class, have numbers available before the first day of class, keep the wait list open after the first day of class. 



IV. Review of Progress on Prioritized Tasks



1) Progress Probation Implementation – Joyce/Jo Ann/Ram

Just finished testing and it is now working. Need to test some more in different environments and that might happened this week.

2) Implementation Plan for Electronic Personnel Action Request Forms – David Betts

See report form Human Resources

3) SARS/PASSPORT Interface: ensure accuracy of reporting student/counselor contact data for MIS data sent to the State

Jo Ann will be working on this with Mike Orkin. They will send it to counselors to double check.

4) Modify the Special GPA Transcript Summary (/thd in Legacy) to Create a Single Report

No discussion

5) Create Roll Books in Instructor Portals without having to use Excel

No discussion




V. Other


Judy Cohen: College cost estimator needs to be ready soon. Need to collect MIS on foster youth and don’t know how we can do that through CCCApply.

Debbie Budd: Hopefully this body can meet before spring break in order to give everyone enough time to meet with their groups. Please check your calendars for Monday, March 28, Tuesday, April 5 or Monday, April 11 (3p – 5p)






4:35 pm 



Next meeting:

Possible dates: March 28, April 5 or April 11 from 3p – 5p 




Minutes taken: Silvia Cortez

Handouts: Agenda, Minutes from September 14, 2010 meeting, PRT Issues Log (2/14/2011), BI Tool Dashboards handout

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