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Matriculation Meeting Minutes

4 March 2011


Donald Moore, Brenda Johnson, Adrienne Riley, Blanca De Oca, Hermia Yam, Lesley Scurry, Minh V. Dao, Sheryl Queen, Joseph Bielanski, Trulie Thompson, Jo Ann Phillips, Gail Pendleton, Minh Lam, Charlotte Smith, Patricia Denoncourt, Ram Anumula, Tony Hale, Hector Corralas, Michael Orkin.


Jacob Ng, Eric Gravenberg, Kerry Compton May Chen, Kathy Pappert, Meryl Siegel

1)      Concerns were expressed that timely notes or better, minutes be provided to the committee at least three days before the meeting.  Also concerns were expressed that agendas should also be provided at the same time.  Co-chair Brenda Johnson expressed that she can call for agenda items before the Wednesday before the meeting and the agenda with notes and other documents will be sent.

2)      District Chemistry Departments are administering a math assessment by telling students if they don’t receive a certain number on their math assessment they will not make it.  This was reported by COA counseling.  This is illegal because the pre-req.

3)       for Chem 1A is intermediate algebra.  Anyone who passes this with a C or better is qualified to take the class.   Chemistry argued that students were not prepared and that many failed. It was suggested that policy/notification to all faculty be sent by The Vice Chancellor of Student Services and/or the Academic Senate concerning Preq. policy/regulation.

4)      Ram Anumula presented briefly the projects he was responsibility for.  He indicated that his highest priority was the Transcript Summary.  He indicated that he was working with Jo Ann Phillips and anticipated having it ready for use in the next few weeks.  Ram also stated that transcripts batches for A&R were being done nightly and were now being done automatically.  Finally, he stated that he has been working on progress probation and was in the testing phase.  The Committee discussed that this was a very big issue that needed to be discussed among Vice Presidents and Deans of Student Services and counselors.  Tony Hale was introduced as the new Manager in charge of enterprise systems. He indicated that he was committed to transparency and communication on the status of PeopleSoft.  He will report out on SARS at the next matriculation meeting.

5)      Associate Vice Chancellor Mike Orkin presented a power point on a test validation for Math assessments and showed that four methods of analysis yield statistically significant results supporting Compass validity.  The Committee agreed to submit this validation to Math departments and tell them if they choose to do a validation on cut off scores they should.  He indicated that he is moving forward with validations on ESL and English. It was also mentioned that perhaps we should no longer use the MDPT as it has not been validated and does not correlate with math placements.

6)      Academic Advising Module- Work is progressing with consultants, counselors and A&R.  It was noted that the start of fit gap was going well.  The Committee raised a major concern about this module, that it will require a higher-level evaluator to do out of district transcripts.  The Committee unanimously supported a resolution to the District Education Committee: The Committee supports a new position in A&R that evaluates out of district transcripts, whereas, the implementation of the Academic Advising module will require this position to provide the needed services to all colleges.   Finally, the Committee also noted that someone in A&R will have to delegate for the maintenance of this module.

7)      The Committee was concerned that concurrent high school students should not be allowed to register for summer session until June 1, 2011.  In addition, the Committee requests that Vice Chancellor Ng, write to the neighboring schools to inform them.  In the discussions, they raised concerns that typically the manager in charge of A&R was the co-chair of District Matriculation and generally provided clerical support of the committee and provided leadership in facilitating the work of the District A& R on dates for priority, deadlines, interaction with high schools and districts. The Chair explained that he and the other Vice Presidents will talk with Dr. Ng Tuesday and let the Committee know the outcome.

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