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Library Functionality Team Issues Log

31 March 2011

Horizons-to-Millennium Project for the Library

Dear Colleagues,

During our last PRT meeting, I was asked to meet with Evelyn Lord, the lead on the Horizons-to-Millennium conversion project, about her needs and timeline.  We met briefly this morning.  The following description of our conversation may offer more detail than you prefer, but I figured I would share in case anyone is interested in the details of the project as it relates to PeopleSoft.  Moreover, it should serve to confirm an understanding with Evelyn.  (If I have misstated anything, Evelyn, please do not hesitate to correct me.)

Millennium is a product of Innovative Interfaces Incorporated (also known as “III”).  Fortunately, I have some familiarity with this library system since Mills College, my former employer, currently uses the same.  In fact, I offered to put her in touch with my former colleagues at Mills who might offer deeper insight into the system.

Evelyn spoke enthusiastically about the project, relating to me that the contract will be countersigned by III very soon, after which time III will draw up implementation plans.  Evelyn identified the following tasks on which she might require IT support:

1.       Data Extracts from Horizons:

a.       Evelyn might be required to work with Horizons to extract the data from the old system.  She may require some help from IT as necessary, though she anticipates full support from Horizons.

2.       Data Extracts from PeopleSoft to Millennium:

a.       She requires some revisions to existing extracts

                                                               i.      Student Records: The enrolled college(s) must be noted.

                                                             ii.      Employee Records: The student employees must be excluded from this extract.

3.       Reciprocal Feeds:

a.       She would like to evaluate the practicality of some reciprocal feeds (from Millennium to PeopleSoft)

                                                               i.      Application of student holds for overdue books/fees in PeopleSoft

                                                             ii.      Financial transactions synchronization between Millennium and PeopleSoft

4.       Authentication review

a.       She would like consultation on the methodology used for students to log into the library system.

                                                               i.      LDAP?

                                                             ii.      Localized alternatives?


  • To address her needs, I suggested that we determine what elements are required for her summer implementation and which can be deferred to “phase 2” or “phase 3,” if they are possible/necessary.
  • 2a and 4a are most critical for the initial implementation.

Once her implementation plan is established, then we will meet with her to allocate resources appropriately.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Tony Hale, PhD

Director of Enterprise Services

Peralta Community College District


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